What is a partial sale?

»A partial sale is a secondary transaction in which a founder sells a stake in the business to an investor. This translates to a payday for founders and equity partnership for investors.«

This is not a way to raise growth capital or sell an entire company in one go, but a common practice for founders who want to stay invested in their own company while liquidating bits of ownership through the sale of minority or majority stakes.

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Founders of SaaS, eCommerce, mobile, content and other internet business categories can sell partial ownership on the Marketplace to secure a personal return on minority or majority stakes.

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Investors are accredited individuals and institutions seeking to buy into privately-held internet companies through secondary offerings as long-term active or passive equity partners.

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BitsForDigits connects trusted founders of profitable internet businesses directly and anonymously with vetted investors via the Marketplace DM chat functionality on listings and profiles.

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