About Us.

"Our goal is to democratise owning, growing and exiting private internet companies."

Jan-Philipp Peters & Laurits Just, founders of BitsForDigits
founders of bits for digits
BitsForDigits is a free, private equity marketplace connecting professionals with founders of online businesses via anonymous listings to facilitate deals. Communicate directly and transact bits of ownership for cash digits without any middlemen.

Think of us as a private exchange where bits of ownership (i.e. equity) are traded for checkbook digits (i.e. money). Owners of bootstrapped internet businesses can liquidate company shares and onboard new business partners in the process. This allows professionals to buy in and gain co-ownership of an existing business to labour and grow their wealth in equity rather than salary.

BitsForDigits exists to make buying and selling ownership in non-public internet companies accessible, anonymous and affordable. In other words, this is a direct secondary marketplace dedicated to the selling and buying of 1-99% ownership in internet companies. There are plenty of marketplaces out there for full acquisitions of companies, but we believe that focusing on partial buyouts yields better, more sustainable results for both founders and professionals.

As a one-stop-shop platform we aim to offer a wealth of resources for legal, financial and transactional matters related to the transfer of business ownership.

This platform is completely free. We don’t charge commission fees or listing fees. At the moment, we are creating zero revenue from this platform and are solely operating it to help business owners create easy and worthwhile partial or full exits.

Who is it for.

Founders looking to realise a return can liquidate ownership and onboard new business partners today. It all starts with listing ownership for sale on the platform privately, for free to get exposure to vetted buyers, who in turn can discover, review and reach out with offers.

Professionals can register as buyers and broadcast their profile along with their search criteria to get approached by founders of relevant listings looking to onboard a co-owner with your set of skills.

Both business listings and buyer profiles are vetted during the sign-up process before appearing on the marketplace to ensure their validity and seriousness. Once both sides are vetted, the founder and professional can exchange more information with each other via chat on our platform and negotiate terms of a potential deal.

Our offering.

Selling private equity in private internet companies should be private. Obviously. We also made it easy, fast and free of commitments and fees. That's why our marketplace charges sellers nothing to sign up, list and sell.

BitsForDigits is built for business owners looking to sell ownership, either to get acquired or partially cash out. This could be to pass on the control to a new co-owner or to onboard a new business partner to help grow the business with you.

We help business owners create their listing before publishing it to the marketplace and afterwards connect sellers with buyers upon request. From there, everything is between you and prospect buyers to discuss metrics, disclose information and negotiate terms before transacting "bits for digits".

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