About us.

"We built this platform so founders can take cash off the table with anonymity and ease. They list their online business to get partial buyout offers from accredited investors. Simple as that."

Jan-Philipp Peters & Laurits Just, founders of BitsForDigits
founders of bits for digits
BitsForDigits is a private equity marketplace connecting investors with founders of profitable online businesses via anonymous listings. All listings are anonymous and members can communicate directly with each other about transacting bits of ownership for cash digits. 100% free for founders.

Think of us as a private exchange where bits of ownership (i.e. equity) are traded for checkbook digits (i.e. money). Owners of bootstrapped internet businesses can liquidate company shares and onboard new business partners in the process. This allows investors to buy in and gain co-ownership in an existing business to passively advise or actively labour to grow their wealth in equity rather than salary.

BitsForDigits exists to make buying and selling ownership in non-public internet companies accessible, anonymous and affordable. In other words, this is a direct secondary marketplace dedicated to the selling and buying of minority and majority stakes in online businesses. Founders decide how many chips they want to take off the table and can review offers at their own discretion.

As a one-stop-shop platform we aim to offer a wealth of resources for legal, financial and transactional matters related to the transfer of business ownership. We don’t charge anything from our members to create an account or list a business. Our revenue comes from a success fee charged the investor on transactions made for deals sourced from the platform.

We built this for people like us.

We are founders and like us, any owner out there looking to realise a return on their online business can liquidate partial ownership and onboard equity partners. We have put the founder in the driver's seat of how much equity to sell, and made it both anonymous and free of charge to do so. The process is easy; submit a few details to list your business on the Marketplace and chat with investors on the platform.

We are investors and like us, anyone who is an accredited individual or institutional investor can make a free investor profile to chat with founders about partial buyout deals. You can opt in to broadcast their anonymous profile along with their search criteria to get approached by founders of relevant businesses listed on the Marketplace. We have removed middlemen to enable direct negotiation with founders.

Business listings are reviewed and investor profiles vetted before appearing on the Marketplace to ensure both their validity and seriousness. Once approved, the founder and investor can exchange relevant information with each other directly on the platform and negotiate terms of a potential deal.

Founding team.

Jan-Philipp Peters
Prior to founding BitsForDigits, JP spent 3 years at Google and Facebook working with 100s of startups and SMBs. He helped tailor growth strategies and execute online campaigns, enabling clients' growth in new and existing markets.

He also held positions in a variety of companies across industries such as consumer products, real estate, banking and insurance.

JP holds two university degrees (1 B.Sc. and 1 M.Sc.) in Business Administration and Innovation Management from the University of Hamburg and Copenhagen Business School.
Laurits Just
Prior to founding BitsForDigits, Laurits spent 3 years at BlackRock growing their SaaS investment software business and expanding their portfolio analytics coverage of public and private market securities, including alternative asset portfolios of institutional investors.

He also spent the better part of a year at Rocket Internet developing new online ventures and scaling operations across the Western world.

Laurits holds three degrees (2 M.Sc. and 1 B.Sc.) in Information Systems, Economics, and Business Administration from the London School of Economics and Political Science, Copenhagen Business School, and Aalborg University.