BitsForDigits partners with upsilon to offer you fast tech due diligence

January 31, 2023

Acquiring a digital business is risky. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. 

This is especially felt during the due diligence process. Many buyers will have a rough understanding of an acquisition target’s tech stack - but lack the expertise to dive into the nitty gritty. Remember, the failure rate of startups in the IT industry is more than 60%. And as the old adage goes, “the devil is in the details”.

And that is only the beginning. Once the ink is dry on the acquisition agreement, buyers often run into issues maintaining and scaling the company they just bought. Do they really have time for in-depth code reviews? Are they world-class at improving the business’ architecture and infrastructure? 

To help acquirers on BitsForDigits avoid technology-related sleepless nights, we are proud to announce our partnership with upsilon

Upsilon is the perfect long-term tech partner you can ask for and is offering BitsForDigits acquirers support in tech due diligence and future product development.

What does upsilon offer?

For business buyers, upsilon offers two core services during technical due diligence. 

1 a Architecture and infrastructure review

Don’t have the time or expertise to understand how an acquisition target has built their cloud services? Upsilon’s team of experienced developers can take an in-depth look to ensure the product is set up to scale.

1 b Code review and test coverage

Code reviews can take up a lot of time. Time that is usually already allocated to 10 other important tasks during the acquisition process. Upsilon’s experts give you back your time by conducting a thorough code review and test coverage of the product.

Once tech due diligence is over, you will already miss working with upsilon’s team of experts. But no worry, they go way beyond the acquisition process.

2 Support in product scaling

Our partner has 50+ full-stack and niche experts on board, ready to take care of any part of your product development cycle. 

Upsilon has a full staff of front-end, back-end and DevOps developers, data scientists, UX/UI designers, project managers and QA specialists.

million dollar payout

The tech due diligence report includes the following categories:


  • Programming languages
  • Frameworks & libraries


  • Documentation
  • Designs
  • Manual testing
  • Automated testing


  • Documentation
  • Designs
  • Testing environment
  • Manual testing
  • Automated testing
  • Linting
  • Code documentation
  • Static analyzers
  • Frameworks & libraries
  • Logging


  • Testing environment
  • Frameworks & libraries
  • Infrastructure
  • Monitorings
  • Alerts
  • Ops automation
  • Scalabilty
  • Fault-tolerance


  • Frameworks & libraries
  • Infrastructure safety
  • User-data encryption
  • Cyber attacks protection

What makes upsilon the perfect fit for your acquisition process?

We wanted to find a partner for BitsForDigits that we can trust. And we found it in the amazing upsilon team. 

Most importantly, all developers are senior experts in their respective fields. The staff has a great habit of turning around tasks with incredible speed and never hands in anything incomplete. 

And their success speaks for itself. With 25 delivered products under their belt, upsilon’s clients have managed to raise a total of $ 177 M in funding, with their longest partnership already lasting 10 years.

How can you get in touch with upsilon?

Upsilon has made it incredibly easy to get started. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to our shared landing page.
  2. Submit a short form with a description of your project and what services you seek, as well as the best time for a call.
  3. Get a detailed audit report and their business proposal.

The team is happy to send you and sign an NDA, no questions asked.

We encourage all acquirers on BitsForDigits to think of upsilon next time they are looking for a technical partner during an acquisition. For any questions, feel free to reach out to us as well.

About the author
Laurits Just & Jan-Philipp Peters

Laurits and JP are the founders behind BitsForDigits. They share a background in finance, tech and startups, as well as a love for micro private equity!

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