Flippa is Acquiring BitsForDigits

December 19, 2023

BitsForDigits is joining Flippa to democratise M&A for startups of all sizes, everywhere.

Today we are happy to announce that BitsForDigits.com, which has helped match so many buyers and sellers, has itself found a match and new home in Flippa.com. With nearly 2 million buyers and sellers registered on the Flippa platform, BitsForDigits’ own user base will gain access to a much bigger pool of listings and wider network of potential suitors for striking even more deals.  

Flippa has long dominated the M&A space for digital assets and in recent years launched battle tested services like Managed by Flippa and Flippa Premium, which cater perfectly to BitsForDigits. The acquisition thus bolsters Flippa’s European positioning and brand awareness as the leading marketplace for buying and selling small digital startups as well as larger online businesses. With a dedicated team of business brokers and industry differentiated technology including AI matching and a deal room, Flippa offers the best and biggest new home for the thousands of dealmakers residing on BitsForDigits. 

We at BitsForDigits are confident that this deal will help more business owners and acquirers on our platform secure deals on their own terms with higher odds of success. Flippa provides white-glove advisory services to assist the process end-to-end, taking the buyer and seller by the hand and walking them through each step of the way to acquisition. They use many of the same best practices we do, including our partner payment rails at Escrow.com for the most safe and secure transactions possible.

Europe: The New Frontier in Flippa’s Journey

Flippa.com has expanded its presence in Europe by acquiring BitsForDigits.com, a leading M&A platform based in Berlin. This acquisition aligns perfectly with Flippa's mission to democratise business ownership and exits globally. 

Flippa has experienced significant growth in the European market, with over 50,000 new buyers joining the platform and facilitating 238 startup exits in 2023, representing a 50% year-over-year increase. To further solidify its presence, Flippa has opened a sales and brokerage office in Amsterdam and acquired BitsForDigits. 

The digital business landscape in the EU is booming, with Amazon's EU Impact report revealing that 125,000 Amazon stores sell over 1.2 billion products. Shopify, Amazon's major competitor, has also witnessed strong growth in Europe, especially in the UK, France, and Germany. Notably, the SaaS industry in Europe houses 19% of global SaaS companies. 

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The Flippa Masterplan Driving the Acquisition of BitsForDigits

Flippa's core mission is to revolutionise M&A for startups and small businesses, and the acquisition of BitsForDigits is a crucial step towards achieving this goal. The aim is to make the business exit and ownership process accessible and equitable for all. 

  • Expanding Availability: We are revolutionising the traditionally convoluted and unclear process of selling or acquiring a business, making it more accessible and transparent for a wider range of individuals. Flippa combines cutting-edge technology with advisory services, equipping business owners of all sizes with the necessary resources for successful exits.

  • Empowering Tools and Services: Flippa’s platform provides access to over 20 valuation consultants and certified M&A advisors worldwide. We offer integrated legal agreements supported by Dropbox Sign to streamline contract negotiation, AI matching to connect buyers with suitable assets, and comprehensive data tools that seamlessly integrate with major platforms such as Amazon, Xero, Quickbooks Online, Shopify, Google Adsense, Stripe, and many more.

  • Promoting a Diverse Marketplace: Flippa's extensive spectrum of businesses offers a wealth of options for buyers, creating an inclusive environment where a wide variety of business types can discover their ideal acquisition targets.

Why Did Flippa Offer to Buy BitsForDigits? 

The acquisition of BitsForDigits.com brings numerous strategic benefits:

  • Going Up-Market: BitsForDigits’ minimum annual revenue requirement of $100,000 for listings and its appeal to founders of profitable SaaS businesses align perfectly with Flippa's trajectory as the preferred marketplace for small and larger businesses.

  • Geographical Reach: BitsForDigits has attracted a great deal of European startups and acquirers as the leading platform in its home market, which accelerates Flippa's growth in the region across all sizes and types of startups and professional buyers.

  • Shared Vision and Enhanced Capabilities: Both platforms share a common goal of making business transactions more accessible. This acquisition opens a pathway for Flippa’s European customer base to benefit from an improved platform with the enveloping of BitsForDigits’ services and a wider range of business opportunities.

Looking ahead, Flippa's global growth strategy, this acquisition solidifies our position as the leading marketplace for buying and selling online businesses. It signifies a step towards a more inclusive and accessible world of business ownership and exits. Consequently, it provides entrepreneurs and small business owners with a less intimidating path to sell or purchase businesses through more traditional channels.

What Happens Next with BitsForDigits at Flippa?

It has been a wild ride taking BitsForDigits from zero to one over the past 2.5 years and so it is with great joy that we hand the reins over to Flippa who has been a generous and likeminded partner in sharing our vision of streamlining the M&A process through technology. As the mission continues under new management we will do our utmost to ensure a smooth transition. So keep an eye out for more information from us about the migration to Flippa.com.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who helped us get here. From our early employees, advisors and partners to all to all of you, most importantly, the buyers and sellers on the platform: Thank you for trusting a couple of bootstrapped founders who quit their jobs and flew to the heart of Europe to grow a marketplace out of lockdown. 

BitsForDigits merging with Flippa, the biggest platform in the world, is all thanks to your vote of confidence. And you all stand to benefit from the perks that come with this acquisition. So stay tuned for the next chapter!

More to come,
Laurits & JP

About the author
Laurits Just & Jan-Philipp Peters

Laurits and JP are the founders behind BitsForDigits. They share a background in finance, tech and startups, as well as a love for micro PE.

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