BitsForDigits partners with Wefunder to offer startup founders easy access to liquidity events

April 27, 2023

It used to be that even if your customers loved your brand, they couldn't invest in your startup if they weren't accredited investors. That was until Wefunder entered the picture. The Wefunder team believed it was unjust and set out on a mission to rectify it – and they have!

Why should investing in successful businesses require wealth? Why make the general public wait till VCs have taken the best returns? Wefunder was successful in persuading the US financial regulators to democratize community investing in 2012, and since then it has assisted founders in raising about $600M using the new "Regulation Crowdfunding" regulations. And this year, Wefunder finally entered Europe!

Entrepreneurs can now raise funds between $100k to $5M annually, streamlining the process and enabling SPVs to wrap investors into one line on the cap table. Wefunder and the overall crowdfunding industry have seen substantial growth as a result of the progress made on this front.

In order to speed up returns to investors for firms using community funding, Wefunder has teamed up with BitsForDigits. Let's say an entrepreneur seeks funding from their followers and customers to support expansion. They can later sell their startup on the BitsForDigits startup acquisition marketplace once they've reached their goals. In other words, Wefunder startups can now be purchased thanks to an acquisition platform and access to thousands of buyers.

Wefunder and BitsForDigits both firmly believe that those who invest their own money in founding a company and developing a brand should also partake in their success. Better alignment, goods, and services are produced as a result, and investors eventually receive higher returns. With BitsForDigits, entrepreneurs who are raising money on Wefunder may now be bought fast, easily, and transparently while involving investors.

million dollar payout

Wefunder assists entrepreneurs in obtaining finance from supporters of their endeavors. They develop thanks to the backing of their ardent supporters rather than a VC putting pressure on them to reach that billion-dollar valuation. BitsForDigits (which is fully bootstrapped and fueled by customers) offers the people, tools, and resources to get these firms bought swiftly and at the highest price when it's time to produce realistic returns.

By conducting a Community Round on Wefunder, startups can raise up to $5M annually, which might be the difference between getting acquired and running out of runway. Wefunder is quite upfront about the dangers of angel investing and the fact that not every firm will be bought out. But, investing on your own is liberating. Particularly if you support the cause: It's not only about making money; it's also about improving lives.

Wefunder, the largest community investment platform in the world, supports more businesses than any other organization. From breweries to medical technologies, innovators have benefited from the brand amplification that only an active investor community can offer. Additionally, VCs have contributed $5B in follow-on investing to Wefunder portfolio businesses, demonstrating that funding isn't limited to angel investors.

Wefunder will be able to "repair capitalism" and offer everyone a "fair shot" at success thanks to the enormous possibility for life-changing exits. Both of which, in the opinion of BitsForDigits, rely on changing the focus to serial entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs seldom accomplish everything the first time around. Small as well as big exits should be celebrated! 

About the author
Laurits Just & Jan-Philipp Peters

Laurits and JP are the founders behind BitsForDigits. They share a background in finance, tech and startups, as well as a love for M&A in the digital economy.

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