BitsForDigits partners with to offer secure acquisitions

July 25, 2023

As a marketplace which facilitates both full and partial acquisitions, we understand that a transaction must only take place once the buyer and seller are both content with the terms of a deal.

It is for this reason that numerous buyers and sellers use escrow accounts to facilitate their transaction, as this payment route has proven itself to be the safest for both parties. 

Therefore, we are delighted to announce our partnership with, the world’s most secure online escrow provider.  

In 1999, pioneered the first online escrow service, changing the escrow industry for the better. Since then, it has facilitated over $5 billion in escrowed funds, between more than 2 million customers who have sold a diverse range of items, from Swiss watches to startups. 

“Escrow is an important part of any merger and acquisition. With the online business acquisition space continually growing, is uniquely positioned to help buyers and sellers transact safely and securely online. Partnering with BitsForDigits will offer users peace of mind and security when selling or acquiring an online business or startup,” said Matt Barrie, Chief Executive of

Why use

As our decisions are guided by your best interests, we naturally chose to work alongside the largest licensed online escrow provider in the market to assist you in your business acquisition process.’s partnerships with eBay, GoDaddy and Shopify Exchange speaks for their reputability, while their role as the dominant payment method for domain names on Uber, SpaceX and Gmail showcases its reliability. 

Their exceptional track record has earned an esteemed "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau, alongside the highly sought-after Ethics Award.

After all the hard work and countless working hours sunk into building your business, it is only fair that you as the owner are rewarded with the personal liquidity event that you deserve. Using, founders can rest easy during the acquisition process as they know that their payment will be delivered by one of the most secure third party payment systems on the market.

Of course, this guarantee of security goes both ways. Business acquirers are just as entitled to a reliable payment system which will ensure that all the assets they receive meet the conditions of their APA (asset purchase agreement), or will return their funds. .

million dollar payout

How do I use on BitsForDigits?

Once a business owner and acquirer are ready to pen to paper and sign a deal, they can reach out to us through our platform’s chat or via email at Upon receiving the details of your APA, we will provide a transaction link to

The acquirer will pay the purchase price of the agreement to, and once the business owner and acquirer have confirmed that the terms of the APA have been fulfilled, will forward the funds to the business owner. 

Pretty simple, right? So why bother with risky payment methods and hazardous bank transfers when you can keep things safe and secure

"Partnering with allows BitsForDigits to offer its users secure payment rails for asset purchases and business transactions. This has been the missing puzzle piece for making buying and selling startups easy and safe for both sides of the platform," said Laurits Just, Co-Founder at BitsForDigits..

As we continue to expand our marketplace and facilitate online business acquisitions, we look forward to working alongside to help more founders and acquirers piece the puzzles  that they otherwise wouldn’t have completed.

About the author
Laurits Just & Jan-Philipp Peters

Laurits and JP are the founders of BitsForDigits. They share a background in finance, tech and startups, as well as a love for M&A and deal-making!

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