36 fintech startup acquisitions in 2022

December 14, 2022

2022 was a turbulent year for startups in general, but especially for fintech. A looming recession, interest rate increases and tensions around the globe had a large impact on financial markets and with that most fintech businesses.

But things are not as dark as they seem. The industry is forecasted to grow with a 20.5% CAGR to hit $699.50 billion by 2030.

So, which fintech startup acquisitions happened?

With the year coming to a close, we have rounded up the 36 most interesting acquisitions of fintech startups in 2022.

1. Hello Patients

Hello Patients logo

Acquisition amount: $250,000

Acquired by: Aurionpro

Acquired: 2022-09-05

Headquarters: Springfield, Illinois, United States

Founders: Farhan Chaudry, Jordan Walgreen

Year founded: 2019

Investors: Right Side Capital Management

What they do: Hello Patients is a medical fintech service provider that aims to offer pricing transparency and payment efficiencies. Hello Patients' platform offers a clear and transparent option for patients. Increase patient responsibility collection rates and streamline your RCM effectiveness. From point of service to recurring payments the company's platform will allow the user to manage repayment effectively. The company was founded in 2019 and based in Springfield, Illinois.

2. Technisys

Technisys logo

Acquisition amount: $1,100,000,000

Acquired by: SoFi

Acquired: 2022-02-22

Headquarters: Miami, Florida, United States

Founders: Adrián Iglesias, German Pugliese Bassi, Kevin Ball, Miguel Santos

Year founded: 1999

Investors: Riverwood Capital, Intel Capital, Endeavor Catalyst, Kaszek, Alta Ventures Mexico

What they do: Technisys helps the banks to provide the best digital experience in financial services Technisys is a digital banking technology company. Its leading-edge Cyberbank Omnichannel and Digital Core solutions allow traditional banks to effectively transform to digital, and challenger, neo banks and fintech companies to jumpstart. Technisys allows their customers to differentiate through enhanced customer experiences, increase sales, engage with the ecosystem with Open APIs and create a platform for digital innovation.

3. Finxact

Finxact logo

Acquisition amount: $650,000,000

Acquired by: Fiserv

Acquired: 2022-02-07

Headquarters: Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Founders: Dan McKinney, Debbie Kovacs, Dylan Phillips, Frank Sanchez, Jim Joyce, Mike Sanchez

Year founded: 2016

Investors: Accenture, LiveOak Venture Partners, Woodforest National Bank, SunTrust Bank, First Data Ventures

What they do: Finxact is innovating the first enterprise class public cloud/private data Core-as-a-Service platform with a completely open banking API. The Finxact Core will allow banks to seamlessly deliver new services for today’s omni-channel consumer. The Finxact team has been at the forefront of banking software for 35+ years, revolutionizing the industry in the 1990s with the first real-time core banking solutions for Internet banks, and is now creating a new cloud-based core banking solution for today’s real-time, digital-first world. Learn more at www.Finxact.com.

4. Finaro


Acquisition amount: $575,000,000

Acquired by: Shift4 Payments

Acquired: 2022-03-01

Headquarters: Valletta, NA - Malta, Malta

Founders: Benny Nachman

Year founded: 2007

What they do: Finaro is a global cross-border payment provider empowering international commerce through brilliantly simple payments. Its exceptional tech capabilities, product innovation, and customer-centric approach enable us to simplify complexity and create multidimensional solutions that generate growth and enable peace of mind for our merchants.

5. Tora Trading Services

Tora Trading Services

Acquisition amount: $325,000,000

Acquired by: London Stock Exchange Group

Acquired: 2022-02-22

Headquarters: Burlingame, California, United States

Founders: Keith Ducker, Robert Dykes

Year founded: 2004

Investors: Goldman Sachs

What they do: Tora is a cloud-based front-to-back office technology provider for the buy-side. TORA provides everything you need to run a fund: portfolio, risk, order and execution management systems, and compliance and analytics engines – all built in-house and available individually, or as an integrated, unified platform. Tora offers a unique portfolio of products that have been designed by buy-side traders for buy-side traders to specifically address the trading challenges unique to Asia. Each of Tora's complementary products has been developed internally to be fully integrated and provide clients with a comprehensive trading solution. Tora's products are used by a wide range of institutional investors including mutual funds, hedge funds and sell-side proprietary trading desks across the region. TORA Compass processes 4% of all trading volume on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

6. Penta


Acquisition amount: $204,409,104

Acquired by: Qonto

Acquired: 2022-07-21

Headquarters: Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Founders: Aleksandar Orlic, Igor Kuschnir, Jessica Holzbach, Lav Odorovic, Luka Ivicevic, Matteo Concas, Sir Gabriel Holbach

Year founded: 2016

Investors: finleap, Presight Capital, Redstone, RTP Global, HV Capital

What they do: Penta is a digital business bank platform designed to help startups and SMEs save time and money on banking. It automates bank accounts and invoices, offers online cashless banking services, and helps to open an online banking account in minutes, enabling consumers to manage their cashflows easily. Penta's mission is to disrupt business banking in Europe and worldwide. It was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

7. Apex Crypto

Apex Crypto

Acquisition amount: $200,000,000

Acquired by: Bakkt

Acquired: 2022-11-03

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Year founded: 2019

What they do: Apex Crypto's platform allows broker-dealers and financial advisors to meet legal and regulatory requirements by holding crypto assets in separate accounts while maintaining an overall integrated approach. Investors in 40 states and the district of Columbia can access many of the most popular coins through apex crypto.

8. Bitbuy


Acquisition amount: $162,137,571

Acquired by: WonderFi

Acquired: 2022-01-04

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Founders: Adam Goldman

Year founded: 206

Investors: WonderFi, Robert Halpern, Murray Goldman

What they do: Bitbuy is the leading Canadian digital currency trading platform. Currently, Bitbuy offers deep liquidity across 10+ spot trading markets through its trading interfaces and  OTC (Over-the-counter) trading desk. The Bitbuy interface is broken out into Express Trade and Pro Trade. While Express Trade has been designed for newer traders looking for an easy-to-use interface, Pro Trade is best suited for more advanced traders who are looking for lower fees, access to charts, API connectivity, and a live order book.

9. Web Financial Group

Web Financial Group

Acquisition amount: $158,138,114

Acquired by: Allfunds

Acquired: 2022-04-05

Headquarters: Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Founders: Alejandro Bueso, Julio Bueso

Year founded: 2000

What they do: Since 2000 Web Financial Group has strived to democratize access to market-moving information for investors through web-based solutions that integrate, present, and promote market and financial data. Today, Web Financial Group continues its commitment to innovation as a data-driven managed service solutions provider, bringing innovative solutions to help financial institutions better meet the evolving needs of investors. With more than 170 financial services clients including, retail and institutional banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies. Web Financial Group is the only player in the market that combines the intelligence of Adtech with the efficiency and user-driven approach of Fintech. 

10. Credit Kudos

Credit Kudos

Acquisition amount: $150,000,000

Acquired by: Apple

Acquired: 2022-03-23

Headquarters: London, England, United Kingdom

Founders: Freddy Kelly, Matt Schofield

Year founded: 2015

Investors: Entrepreneur First, Ascension, AlbionVC, Plug and Play, Charlie Songhurst

What they do: Credit Kudos is a credit bureau that uses financial behavior and data through open banking to measure creditworthiness. Credit Kudos utilizes consumer transaction data to build highly accurate and transparent credit score cards and affordability metrics.

million dollar payout

11. Segmint


Acquisition amount: $135,500,000

Acquired by: Alkami Technology

Acquired: 2022-03-28

Headquarters: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, United States

Founders: John P. Cale, Nate Shahan, Rob Heiser

Year founded: 2007

Investors: JumpStart

What they do: Segmint empowers financial institutions and financial technology providers to easily understand and leverage data, interact with customers, and measure results. Derived from billions of transactions, Segmint provides the fastest and most accurate customer insights through advanced data tagging, categorization, and contextualization. Our insights enable all functions of an organization to inform strategies including competitive analysis, risk, marketing, customer experience, and product innovation.

12. Kantox


Acquisition amount: $131,568,704

Acquired by: BNP Paribas

Acquired: 2022-10-11

Headquarters: London, England, United Kingdom

Founders: Antonio Rami, John Carbajal, Philippe Gelis

Year founded: 2011

Investors: Silicon Valley Bank, Partech, BNP Paribas, Alma Mundi Ventures, Idinvest Partners

What they do: Kantox is a leader in Currency Management Automation software that enables businesses to automate their end-to-end FX workflow, eliminate risk and leverage foreign currencies to increase competitiveness. The company provides sophisticated currency management and payment solutions and has created a new product category dedicated to corporate FX automation.  Throughout the years, Kantox’s technology has been utilised by corporate clients across a broad spectrum of industries, including the food, travel, chemical, e-commerce, retail, and gas sectors. Kantox was founded in 2011 and has offices in London and Barcelona.

13. Verikai


Acquisition amount: $120,000,000

Acquired by: American Financial Group

Acquired: 2022-01-18

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

Founders: Brett Coffin, Hari Sundram

Year founded: 2018

Investors: National General Insurance, Plug and Play, ManchesterStory Group, The FIS FinTech Accelerator in Partnership with The Venture Center, ValueStream Ventures

What they do: Verikai is an insurance technology company. It leverages alternative data and machine learning to change the way the insurance industry views risk. Focused primarily on underwriting efficiency, Verikai provides insurance companies with risk reports to optimize the underwriting process. This greater insight helps increase new business, reduce losses, and ultimately provide consumers and businesses with greater access to a broader range of insurance products.

14. Tradovate


Acquisition amount: $115,000,000

Acquired by: NinjaTrader

Acquired: 2022-01-12

Headquarters: Delaware, Ohio, United States

Founders: Rick Tomsic

Year founded: 2014

What they do: Tradovate is an online futures brokerage firm dedicated to meeting the needs of active retail traders. The firm offers a modern, cloud-based futures trading platform and subscription-based, commission-free trading. Tradovate powers futures trading from anywhere, with complete access to download the platform for Windows and/or Mac, log in on the web with Chrome and other browsers, and trade via mobile Apple or Android devices.

15. First Group

First Group

Acquisition amount: $100,000,000

Acquired by: Fireblocks

Acquired: 2022-02-16

Headquarters: Giv'atayim, Tel Aviv, Israel

Founders: Ran Goldshtein, Yariv Gilat

Year founded: 2017

Investors: Target Global, Mangrove Capital Partners, Ronald Cohen, Scale-Up Venture Capital

What they do: First group is the largest digital assets group in Europe, led by a team of Fintech experts and Cyber Security professionals. Through their portfolio companies, they create products and services that enable our partners to take part in the new digital revolution. The group stands on three pillars: incubation of innovative financial products, direct investment in blockchain companies and partnerships with large financial corporations.

16. ACI Worldwide

ACI Worldwide

Acquisition amount: $100,000,000

Acquired by: One Equity Partners

Acquired: 2022-06-07

Headquarters: Naples, Florida, United States

Founders: Brian Henry, Cyrus Mehta, Daryl Woodard, Duncan Gibson, Founde

Year founded: 1975

Investors: Starboard Value

What they do: ACI Worldwide - Digital Business Banking Solutions is a technology platform that provides solutions for commercial and business banking customers through an API-driven interface.

17. Pry Financials

Pry Financials

Acquisition amount: $90,000,000

Acquired by: Brex

Acquired: 2022-04-20

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

Founders: Alex Sailer, Andy Su, Hayden Jensen, Tiffany Wong

Year founded: 2019

Investors: Y Combinator, Global Founders Capital, Pioneer Fund, Liquid 2 Ventures, NOMO Ventures

What they do: Pry is a financial planning platform that is the first real alternative to spreadsheets for small businesses. Use Pry to connect your financial stack for a real-time budget vs actuals, manage your hiring plan, and model scenarios in a powerful visual environment.

18. American Continental Bank

American Continental Bank

Acquisition amount: $82,100,000

Acquired by: Taichung Commercial Bank

Acquired: 2022-09-30

Headquarters: San Gabriel, California, United States


Year founded: 2003


What they do: American Continental Bank is a fintech company that specializes in providing financial services to the Chinese community.

19. Rewire


Acquisition amount: $80,000,000

Acquired by: Remitly

Acquired: 2022-08-16

Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel

Founders: Adi Ben Dayan, Guy Kashtan, Or Benoz, Saar Yahalom

Year founded: 2015

Investors: OurCrowd, BNP Paribas, AME Cloud Ventures, Jerry Yang, Moneta VC

What they do: Rewire is a fintech startup that develops cross-border online banking solutions to provide the accessibility of financial services to migrants. The company's customer base includes migrated immigrants from Europe from over 20 countries in Asia and Africa. With the help of technology, strategic partnerships, and values of equality, inclusivity, and social good, Rewire is able to provide financial services to make immigrants feel at home by integrating banking services into its platform and provide global accounts to its customers. To boost its cross-border solution, besides offering remittance services, payment accounts, and debit cards, Rewire plans to add new value-added services to its platforms such as bill payments and insurance, in addition to credit and loan services, investments, and savings. With these services, Rewire is able to make its first-rate financial services more accessible to migrants and, thus, include them in the financial systems. 

20. Karza Technologies

Karza Technologies

Acquisition amount: $79,541,245

Acquired by: Perfios Software Solutions

Acquired: 2022-02-25

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Founders: Alok Kumar, Gaurav Samdaria, Omkar Shirhatti

Year founded: 2015

Investors: Rajan Anandan, Singapore Angel Network, Artha India Ventures, Anand Ladsariya, Dreamweaver Investments

What they do: Karza Technologies is the largest data, analytics, automation, and decisioning solution provider to FIs, catering to the entire lending lifecycle from onboarding to diligence & monitoring to collections. Karza Technologies solutions enable systemic fraud prevention, risk management, compliance & automation through superior data engineering and deep tech applications. In a nutshell, Karza stands on the trifecta of digitization: automation, enhanced diligence, and robust decisioning for straight-through processing; thus, creating a state-of-the-art digitization process without compromising on security and quality. Karza Technologies is a pioneer in the services it offers and has successfully acquired a very diverse portfolio of 330+ live clients, spanning across the largest gamut of use cases in the industry. Karza is supported by angel investors such as the Singapore Angel Network.

21. Payswiff

Acquisition amount: $60,305,595

Acquired by: Cholamandalam

Acquired: 2022-01-18

Headquarters: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Founders: Anil Bharadwaj, Krishna Kishore, Maulik Shah, Priti Shah, Ravi Kiran

Year founded: 2013

Investors: True Global Ventures (TGV), Hard Yaka, Mitesh Majithia, Yadu Corporation, Ramesh Chandra Majithia

What they do: Payswiff is an Indian International Fintech player that provides omni-channel electronic payments acceptance solutions to businesses across 12 countries spanning Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. Payswiff is a payment facilitator, provider of outsourcing and white label solutions for electronic payments. Also, Payswiff is a licensed GST Suvidha Provider (GSP), providing convenient tax filing services to businesses In India. In 2015, the company launched its first flagship product - Paynear ONE, an omni-channel payment transaction solution that lets business owners accept payments from their customers in-store, at home deliveries, online and on-the-go using mPOS and POS solutions. Payswiff through its innovative solutions, has played a vital role in supporting the Indian Government's drive towards a digital Indian economy. The company has successfully served customers around the world since 2013, bagging multiple industry awards like, Best Use of Mobile Technology in Financial Services at Asia Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Excellence Awards in Singapore, The 2017 Times Network National Awards etc. Recently, Payswiff attained the jury award for being the best IT Company at the 2018 HMTV Business Excellence Awards.

22. Fintech Meetup

Acquisition amount: $55,000,000

Acquired by: Hyve Group

Acquired: 2022-03-11

Founders: Anil D. Aggarwal, Caroline Farley, Simran Rekhi Aggarwal

Year founded: 2021

What they do: Fintech Meetup is a groundbreaking event technology that makes it easy to meet new people, discover new organizations, and create incredible opportunities! Fintech Meetup’s magical technology will facilitate 30,000+ meetings and connections across every use case. Serendipity may be great, but it's way more powerful when it's engineered! You get real results and measurable ROI.

23. WealthDesk

Acquisition amount: $50,000,000

Acquired by: PhonePe

Acquired: 2022-05-17

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Founders: Ujjwal Jain

Year founded: 2016

Investors: Mathew Cyriac

What they do: WealthDesk is a platform that lets you invest in systematic, modern Investment products previously inaccessible that help you build long term and short-term portfolios in a low-cost, transparent easy manner. Transparent. Safe. Profitable.

24. Gatsby

Acquisition amount: $50,000,000

Acquired by: eToro

Acquired: 2022-08-17

Headquarters: New York, New York, United States

Founders: Davis Gaynes, Jeff Myers, Peter Quinn, Ryan Belanger-Saleh

Year founded: 2018

Investors: Techstars, SeedInvest, Plug and Play, Barclays Corporate Banking, Chris Adelsbach

What they do: Gatsby is a reimagined brokerage platform that cuts through the jargon and makes stocks and options trading available to the masses. With as little as $10, users can begin trading stocks and options on listed companies and ETFs without paying any commissions or fees. Trading options with Gatsby leaves the options matrix and capital requirements behind and offers higher risk and better potential returns than only trading stocks. The app's social network allows users to watch the Gatsby community react to breaking news and corporate reports and then optimize their strategy by leveraging the crowd's knowledge and expertise.

25. Coinmama

Acquisition amount: $40,000,000

Acquired by: Wellfield Technologies

Acquired: 2022-03-24

Headquarters: Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Founders: Ilan Schuster, Laurence Newman, Nimrod Gruber

Year founded: 2013

Investors: iAngels

What they do: Coinmama is a financial service that makes it fast, safe and fun to buy digital currency, anywhere in the world.

26. Coinberry

Acquisition amount: $38,500,000

Acquired by: WonderFi

Acquired: 2022-04-18

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Founders: Andrei Poliakov

Year founded: 2017

What they do: Coinberry is a FINTRAC-registered fintech focused on blockchain and digital currency solutions. The company shares a home with such notable crypto projects like Ethereum, Polymath, and Aion. Coinberry was the first digital currency platform to partner with a Municipal Government for Bitcoin tax payment processing in Canada, following the introduction of Bitcoin property tax payment processing in the Town of Innisfil and the City of Richmond Hill. Coinberry offers members the simplest and quickest way to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP and Bitcoin Cash using Canadian dollars, and was Canada's first cryptocurrency trading platform to introduce 0% funding fees and 0% withdrawal fees. ​Trusted by thousands of users globally, Coinberry aims to deliver the best in class user experience.  The company supports both desktop and mobile experiences across our suite of Web, iOS and Android applications.

27. Abaca

Acquisition amount: $30,000,000

Acquired by: Safe Harbor Financial

Acquired: 2022-10-31

Headquarters: North Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

Founders: Brian Bauer, Dan Roda, Greg Ellis, John Foley

Year founded: 2017

What they do: Abaca partners with banks to unlock business accounts, payments, and lending for the legal cannabis industry. It is at the crossroads of FinTech, RegTech, and the legal cannabis and hemp/CBD industries. They partner with community banks and other financial institutions to offer commercial deposit accounts, merchant services, treasury management, and lending to cultivators, dispensaries, product processors, and ancillary cannabis and hemp businesses.  The company currently operates in a 12-state service area and has processed over $1 billion in cannabis commerce together with its partner banks as of June 2021.

28. OpenQ

Acquisition amount: $25,000,000

Acquired by: PhonePe

Acquired: 2022-05-18

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Year founded: 2018

What they do: OpenQ is a smart beta wealth management platform, which designs investment strategies and optimal portfolio construction advice. It additionally provides retail and institutional buyers with buying and selling baskets and funding analytics companies. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in Mumbai, India.

29. Deepstack Technologies

Acquisition amount: $24,000,000

Acquired by: Banc of California

Acquired: 2022-09-16

Headquarters: Jupiter, Florida, United States

Year founded: 2017

What they do: Deepstack Technologies is a full-stack payments platform for integrated software vendors, e-commerce marketplaces, fintech, and other businesses with artificial intelligence.

30. Tookitaki

Acquisition amount: $20,000,000

Acquired by: Thunes

Acquired: 2022-04-18

Headquarters: Singapore, Central Region, Singapore

Founders: Abhishek Chaterjee, Jeeta Bandopadhyay

Year founded: 2014

Investors: Jungle Ventures, Illuminate Financial, Seeds Capital, Enterprise Singapore, Nihal Mehta

What they do: Money laundering needs to be a collective effort through centralised intelligence-gathering. For this reason, Tookitaki developed the AML Ecosystem, which includes our network of experts and the Typology Repository (TR).  The AML ecosystem is a game changer since it helps remove the information vacuum created by siloed AML operations. It also lays the foundation of a  democratized detection approach where AML behavioural models are shared across an ecosystem through a privacy-protected framework.  In addition to our AML ecosystem, which is a first-of-its-kind community-driven initiative, we have Tookitaki’s Anti-Money Laundering Suite or AMLS for our customers. Tookitaki’s AML Ecosystem and the AMLS work in tandem and help our stakeholders widen their view of risk from an internal one to an industry-wide one across organizations and borders.  

31. Xpedize

Acquisition amount: $13,153,664

Acquired by: ClearTax

Acquired: 2022-03-16

Headquarters: Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Founders: Deepak Gugnani, Gopikrishnan R., Regan Mithani

Year founded: 2017

What they do: Xpedize is a Supply Chain Finance Platform. It is a cutting-edge startup in the financial technology space- a Software with a Service (SwaS) that leverages technology to assist companies to address the most challenging issues in Working Capital Management and Supply Chain Finance. Xpedize protects organizations from the benign interest rate environment and its adverse effect on treasury income, the dynamics at play due to the onset of GST, and the weak compliance framework, especially witnessed in Supplier-Buyer interactions. Its software platform provides an innovative common ground for buyers and their corresponding suppliers and financiers to arrive at a discounting rate either through supplier-initiated requests, buyer-initiated offers or via its proprietary, cutting edge, algorithm-based auction. The digital platform addresses the limitations witnessed in traditional forms of cash discounting and thus, achieves a profitable co-existence for all parties involved in the supply chain.

32. Uvik Technologies

Acquisition amount: $9,894,269

Acquired by: Infibeam Avenues Limited

Acquired: 2022-03-01

Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Year founded: 2019

What they do: Uvik is a technology leader in the FinTech Certified for PIN on Glass entry as well by the credit card schemes, including Visa, Mastercard, and RuPay after rigorous security testing.

33. Alchemy

Acquisition amount: $8,750,000

Acquired by: Business Warrior

Acquired: 2022-06-09

Headquarters: American Fork, Utah, United States

Year founded: 2018

What they do: Alchemy is an embedded financing software company that powers FinTech, Merchants and Banks with an end-to-end cloud native experience. Alchemy award-winning lending software provides a full package of powerful software modules, including our digital customer onboarding process, real time underwriting, loan servicing and management, real time payments gateway, customer and merchant communications, collections modules and many more.

34. MOVA

Acquisition amount: $7,903,107

Acquired by: Experian

Acquired: 2022-05-16

Headquarters: Vila Olímpia, Sao Paulo, Brazil

What they do: Mova is a Platform that allows any company or bank to create customized credit products for its customers. Mova is the first SEP authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil and Credit as a Service One-Stop-Shop. A technology platform that offers all the necessary components for the best credit granting and creation of credit products, providing the necessary infrastructure and tools for those who want to offer credit or invest in credit. 

35. Roqqett

Acquisition amount: $2,691,081

Acquired by: Equals Group

Acquired: 2022-11-28

Headquarters: Bath, Bath and North East Somerset, United Kingdom

Founders: Glenn Smith

Year founded: 2020-01-01

What they do: Roqqett is a developer of a payment platform that offers payment services to consumers and businesses. The company has created a mobile payment app for users and merchants that enables contactless payments from users. Roqqett was established in 2020 by Glenn Smith Bath, Bath and North East Somerset.

36. JazzyPay

Acquisition amount: $1,800,000

Acquired by: ASEAN Fintech Group Ltd

Acquired: 2022-01-06

Headquarters: Makati, Manila, Philippines

Founders: Joshua Marindo, Kathleen Acosta

Year founded: 2018

Investors: Techstars, Cocoon Capital, Rakuten Accelerator, Powered by Techstars

What they do: JAZZYPAY is a web and mobile app that enables customers to pay Clinics, Hospitals, and Schools directly using Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Online Banking, Digital Wallets, and Over-the-counter cash deposits. Our vision is to provide world-class unified payment gateway and invoicing solutions in the Philippines and other developing countries across Southeast Asia and beyond. JAZZYPAY, INC. is a company owned by JAZZYPAY GLOBAL PTE. LTD (“JAZZYPAY GLOBAL”), which is a Singapore based company. JazzyPay Inc is also a registered Operator of Payments System (OPS) regulated by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).


Unlike previous years with a surge in M&A and speed being an essential catalyst for acquirers during due diligence, 2022 has seen longer diligence time - causing a few M&A deals to fall through. 

As tempestuous as the 2022 financial market has been for startups, especially fintechs and businesses in general, the merger and acquisitions landscape seems to be thriving and driving growth for acquirers. 

This concludes our list of the 36 most notable fintech acquisitions in 2022.

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