Webflow Developer

Product Development

Hey there!

Are you passionate about Webflow and No-code Development? Then, Awesomic wants you in our team 🤩

🔥 is a web app that delivers designs to businesses from around the world. Since our founding in 2020, we've completed 6000+ tasks for 900+ clients. Here are just some of them: Reface,, Lift99, SilviaTerra, Y Combinator startups, and VC funds 🔥

We're looking for a Webflow Developer to join our team. You'll be responsible for implementing websites in Webflow, taking a really nice and organized design made in Figma and transforming it into an amazing website.

For this, you should have:  

- Professional knowledge of Webflow (including the ability to work with animation and Webflow CMS)

- Basic understanding and experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

- Experience with Figma

- Fluent English

Also important:

- experience in working with non-standard tasks that are not in the basic functionality of Webflow

- if you don't know something, the ability to find information in Google, Webflow Forum, StackOverflow

- experience with Attributes by Finsweet (since they significantly expand the basic functionality of Webflow) is a big plus

- ability to work with third-party scripts (for example, third-party sliders and forms)

- attention to details, ability to find and fix bugs

- when it's not possible to implement client's wishes with the help of basic Webflow functionality, the ability to offer a client alternative options

🙌🏻 Sounds like an accurate description of you? Then, let us tell you how Awesomic works:

  • Our AI algorithm takes care of matching you with clients that require your skills
  • As a newbie, you get an onboarding buddy to help you get adjusted
  • You'll give daily updates on tasks
  • To work and communicate on Awesomic platform, you need to entirely use English
  • If you work overtime, you'll get compensated accordingly
  • You get sick pay as well, although we hope you won't need it

🙌🏻 Still contemplating? Then, let us tell you why you should consider working for us:

  • To remotely collaborate with companies from around the world
  • To get a sense of оne-goal-driven design community with daily support and dose of memes
  • To share and get professional knowledge among fellow developers
  • To receive invitations to staff parties with 100% transfer & hotel coverage
  • То improve your professional skills with online courses, masterclasses, and webinars

Okay, you got the point: working at Awesomic is fun. So why wait and not start joining us? Just fill in the form below and you're one step closer to being a part of our team 😉