Content Analyst

Operations is a global community and newsletter for 50,000 entrepreneurs.

We are seeking a Analyst to improve research and reports.

Your Role

  • Research report topics
  • Build framework-based research reports
  • Share why topics matter
  • Find compelling opportunities
  • Find the core problem solved by a market
  • Find and summarize key players
  • "Red team" ideas and handle objections
  • Make informed predictions
  • Find related reports in our library
  • List and explain market risks
  • Submit draft reports for editing deadlines
  • Follow our style guide to write reports
  • Publish 2 reports a month
  • Record audio explaining concepts that you’ve written about
  • Write copy to help free members understand the value of upgrading to Trends Pro
  • Write topic briefs for upcoming topics in our Next Up channel
  • Reach out to domain experts and beginners to get feedback on reports
  • Share progress updates in weekday standups
  • Attend a weekly check-in call with Dru Riley

About You

  • You are logical
  • You are concise
  • You are addicted to learning
  • You are a high-agency person
  • You know that feedback is a gift

What’s in it for you?

  • Earn as you learn
  • Get a free Trends Pro Membership
  • Work part-time (20-25 hours/week)
  • Earn $1,500-$2,000 USD per report
  • Automatic 15% raise after a 100-day trial period
  • Work from anywhere in the world (We are 100% remote)
  • Get paid in crypto (ETH/BTC/etc) or fiat (USD/EUR/THB/INR/etc) Style

  • We love to learn
  • We love feedback
  • We are thoughtful
  • We are clear and concise
  • We are intellectually honest

About is a global community and newsletter for 50,000 entrepreneurs. We are on a mission to create 1 billion post-economic entrepreneurs.

Our Tools

  • Notion
  • WordPress
  • Google Docs
  • Loom

How to Apply

To apply, create a Google Doc with the following information:

  1. Include your name, email, Twitter and/or personal website.
  2. Build a micro-report
  3. Pick one of the following topics:
  4. Cohort-Based Courses
  5. Growth Hacking
  6. B2B SaaS
  7. Lead Magnets
  8. Curation as a Service (CaaS)
  9. Freemium
  10. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  11. Research the topic
  12. Draft a report. Include: Why It Matters, Problem, Solution, at least 5 Players, at least 3 Predictions and at least 3 Opportunities.
  13. Use the Report Style (see our archive for examples).
  14. Add this information in a Google Doc. Optional: Include who referred the role to you.
  15. Send an email to with the subject line “TVC Outbound: {{Your name}}” — Example: TVC Outbound: Jane Smith

Ways to Get Noticed

  1. Share comment-access to the Google Doc.
  2. Use simple language. Avoid complex writing.
  3. Keep it short, use selective bolding and contextual links.
  4. Craft non-obvious predictions and opportunities. Perform thorough research.
  5. Pattern match your writing style with previous reports. See our archive for examples of problems, solutions, players, predictions and opportunities.

Refer Friends

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