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Vestigo Ventures is a seed / early-stage venture capital firm headquartered in Cambridge, MA, that invests in technology companies focused on financial services (“FinTech”). We are distinguished by our deep financial industry expertise, exclusive access to the team and technology at Cogo Labs, a powerful network of advisors, and proven record as entrepreneurs, owners, and operators. These advantages position us to successfully target the next generation of disruptive FinTech companies.

Vestigo is investing in FinTech entrepreneurs who are creating innovative companies that align with our focus areas inside FinTech:

1. Consumer (B2C companies)

2. Worksite (employee benefits, gig economy platforms, B2B2C distribution)

3. Enterprise (B2B companies)

Senior Associate Position

The Senior Associate works with and provides support for the partners and principals. They lead the Associates & Analysts on deal sourcing strategy and execution, provide recommendations to the Investment Team as a whole and demonstrate that they can leverage the firm’s brand to bring in high-quality founders to meet with the partnership. The Senior Associate may serve as a Board Observer, and in coordination with the primary contact, assist in ad hoc support across the portfolio companies. They may also lead non-deal related projects, such as ecosystem development, by continuing to develop connections with multiple accelerators, incubators, and venture labs to support the earliest initiatives in FinTech.


  • Market Research: As Vestigo is always proactively deal sourcing and investing, the team will conduct research into market trends, technology applications, competitive landscapes, and market comps regularly. As a Senior Associate, you will be responsible for being a leading contributor and organizer of this market research for the benefit of the Vestigo team and potentially our Strategic Limited Partners.
  • Deal Sourcing: As a member of the Investment Team, you will develop networks and relationships that establish deal flow while building the company brand as a premier venture capital resource. You will have opportunities to participate in FinTech events in the startup ecosystem.
  • Due Diligence & Negotiation: Vestigo conducts extensive analysis on the FinTech companies considered for investment, including market analysis, team assessment, references, operational efficiency, Cogo Labs data analytics, and many other areas. You will be expected to complete full due diligence, as required, for the Vestigo investment team to make an informed decision to advance an investment opportunity or to pass. This responsibility will include negotiating the terms of a financing round with the target companies in coordination with the team’s feedback, as well as co-investors.
  • Portfolio Company Support: Vestigo is a value-add investor. Our team is comprised of owners, operators, and entrepreneurs. In addition to the capital we provide seed and early-stage FinTech companies, we utilize our experience and network to help advance our portfolio companies. The team as a whole supports our portfolio companies, helping when and where we can, in coordination with the primary contact (typically the board representative or deal sponsor). As such, you will be responsible for helping our portfolio companies and proactively seeking opportunities that can add to their growth and/or team development.
  • Content Creation & Investor Communications: We want our investors and portfolio companies to be informed and excited about our work. We will show our prospective investors why it is advantageous to do business with us and remind them at every opportunity why they made a great decision to invest. Working with the Managing Directors, General Partners, Principals, and Limited Partners, you will assist in creating a culture of transparency, engagement, and fun. This will include but not be limited to: investor and portfolio company events to be held periodically, creating communications, supporting our social media, and thought leadership to drive our unique culture and share our insights.
  • Brand Equity Advancement: Vestigo is an emerging manager, and it is paramount that all team members proactively and positively develop the firm’s brand equity in the startup community (including venture investors, entrepreneurs, technology innovators, etc.). As a Senior Associate of Vestigo, you will be expected to help advance the firm’s brand equity with the relevant channels to promote our position as a “go-to” FinTech venture capital firm sought after by entrepreneurs and co-investors alike.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a field that requires deep analytical thinking and problem-solving. Many of us have Math, Econ, Finance, or Engineering backgrounds, but applications from all quantitative fields are welcome.
  • The candidate will have at least one of the following experiences: (1) Master's degree in a quantitative field (Finance, Economics, Data Science, Statistics, Engineering, or equivalent); (2) Two+ years operating experience in sales, product, marketing, or engineering at a venture-backed fintech company.; (3) Two+ years experience at a technology-focused investment fund (VC or PE).
  • Experience working directly with venture capital teams or leading technology companies is a plus.
  • Strong working knowledge of and experience using SQL to be an independent data-driven contributor.
  • Strong quantitative skills to be used in modeling and reporting activities.
  • The ability to make a strong case when presenting findings and recommendations, while remaining receptive to feedback.
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively as part of a team.
  • A personal network and outbound efforts that generate high-quality deal flow.
  • Passions and interests outside of work - you aren't just your resume.

Position Insights for the successful candidate:

  • Intellectual curiosity, flexibility and self-motivation, and learning agility are vital skills to allow this person to excel in a fast-changing and fluid business environment.
  • Focused on results: Biased for action; focused on specific goals and resistant to distraction.
  • Enthusiastic: Passionate about work; brings a can-do attitude to all activities.
  • Articulate: Clearly states project missions, updates, decisions, and rationales verbally and in writing.
  • Analytically minded: Data-driven; believes in the value of making decisions based on rigorous, empirical processes.
  • Organized: Capable of categorizing complex projects into digestible, surmountable parts.
  • Transparent: Makes work and progress clear to outside observers without politics or distortion of the underlying data.
  • Open to Feedback: Actively asks for advice; eager to receive performance feedback and responds positively to suggestions and constructive criticism.
  • Supportive: Actively helps fellow team members and treats them with respect and kindness.
  • Flexible: Adjusts quickly to changing priorities and conditions; enjoys working in and thrives in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Hard-working: Possesses a strong willingness to work hard and sometimes work long hours to get the job done.
  • Self-reflective: Considers work in the context of the entire organization; thinks about self-improvement.


Competitive Base Salary, Bonus Program, Carried Interest & Benefits

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