Head of Product / CPO

Remote, UK, CH, USA
Product Development

$170k – $250k • 0.3% – 2.5%

This is a leadership role at the heart of the company. You will help shape how Calyx Global delivers its impact for customers and influences carbon markets for the better – through a growing product suite that will stand out for its ease of use and laser-like focus on what matters most when making decisions in carbon markets.

As Head of Product/ CPO you will lead the development and implementation of Calyx Global’s product development vision and roadmap. You will pro-actively lead the cross-team effort to design and launch compelling SaaS products and solutions for customers across the carbon market user spectrum. To achieve this, you will be working hand-in-glove with customers, carbon experts, data engineers/analysts, software engineering and others.

Beyond being a leader in their craft, we are looking for someone to join Calyx Global in this foundational period, to help set the course and jump into the trenches together with us to deliver on it. The team is still small and the ideal candidate will see that as an opportunity to roll up their sleeves and do, and, over time, build a team around them to scale.

If you are a creative do-er and thrive in a fast moving collaborative team, we want to connect.

What you’ll do
• Develop the product vision and roadmap
• “Get cracking” on day 1 with a focus on working with our customers and the rest of the Calyx team to build traction
• Engage with customers and other industry stakeholders to understand how we can deliver more impact and bring innovative solutions to fruition
• Drive product communication across the company to ensure transparency and efficiency
• Define, track and improve upon key business and product success metrics
• Over time, build and mentor a high-performance distributed team

Calyx Global