Venture Capital

Head of Platform

Product Development

Full-time, Remote Position

$100k On Target Salary (including performance bonus) 

No experience in venture capital necessary

Job Description:

The Head of Platform for our venture firm (Hawke Ventures Fund 1 ($5.6M) & Fund 2 ($50M)) will be responsible for owning all relationships, partnerships, marketing, and community outside of Hawke Ventures and inside of Hawke Media, while also running Hawke’s investment syndicate day to day with investor relationships and limited partners. 

From a platform perspective, our relationship with Hawke Media is what makes our venture firm different from any other. The connection with Hawke Media for growing our investments is the most vital partnership we have. The role requires getting to know the Hawke Media team, their needs / wants / desires, and making deep connections to ensure portfolio investment utilization.

From a partnership perspective, the job entails mapping our investment ecosystem in martech and ecommerce, knowing the players from a SAAS and venture perspective, while also having a deep connection with Hawke Media’s partnership ecosystem. This includes sending out a quarterly newsletter, crafting some social media posts, and managing our network through CRM tools.

From an investor perspective, the job is to know who invests in what, how they can help, their varied interests and other investments, and who else they know. When the investment team makes selections on investments, our Head of Platform will line up the investors based on interests and desires through direct marketing and sales to raise capital for deals, from Fund investments to syndicate deals. We will teach you the terminology and way of startup investing; your job is to help market the opportunities to our network.

Job Requirements:

  • Own the relationship with Hawke Media employees, executives, and partnership networks for onboarding new and existing portfolio companies
  • Building Sales & Partnerships between portfolio companies and outside partner networks, tracking wins and losses
  • Enabling CEOs and sales leaders with the relationships to ultimately book more business, speak at events, receive partnership marketing, and other partnership oriented value added opportunities
  • Raising capital for deals for the fund and for syndicate investments through our CRM and networks
  • Attend both virtually and digitally VC events, as well as grow our community and relationships through Hawke hosted events planned
  • Experience with digital marketing, from writing and creating newsletter content to social media and blog post writing

Must Haves:

  • The personality of an absolute of pro-communicator; people love you, you attract warmth and success, you’re memorable and ridiculously bright
  • Emphasis on sales and partnerships experience; building relationships, tracking deals, and helping CEOs and sales leaders close on opportunities, while elevating the brand of Hawke Ventures
  • 3-5 years of experience in a partnerships, sales development, or enterprise sales role in SAAS and/or Agency capacity
  • OKR and/or goal oriented self starter who loves building relationships and community while driving transactions
  • Entrepreneurial DNA of some sort: family business, startups, consulting, etc
  • Experience planning and throwing cool events, building community, being creative to bring people together online and offline

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Our commitment to making the venture world a more diverse community is something that we take seriously. We welcome applicants of all backgrounds including but not limited to race, sex, class, gender identity, sexual preference, socioeconomic status, and geography. Acknowledgment of these barriers and very real factors that inhibit equity is necessary in order to create a more accessible, inclusive VC community. We also are looking for someone without venture experience who we can teach and bring into the venture capital world.


If interested, please send your resume and cover letter, specifically talking about your experience and how it relates to growing a venture capital platform, to Mara at with the subject line " want a Head of Platform?"

Please address these 3 questions into your submission:

  1. How do you want to impact the world, and how is this job/career path helping you get there?
  2. What about your past experiences make you want to jump into the VC world?
  3. At the core of Hawke Ventures and Hawke Media is a strong background in marketing. What about marketing gets you out of bed in the morning?

About Hawke Ventures:

Hawke Ventures is an early-stage venture fund that invests $50k-$2M in martech, adtech, ecommerce enablement, and opportunistic consumer deals. We focus on growing US-based companies in the pre-seed or seed stage who have gained quantifiable traction in their market. Hawke Ventures co-invests alongside prominent angel and venture capital lead investors. GP includes founders of Hawke Media Erik Huberman & Tony Delmercado, and Managing Partner Drew Leahy. We also operate a satellite Venture Scout Program with a diversity focus, helping shape the future of venture capital to look more like the population of the United States - diverse, skilled, and well rounded.

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