Frontend Engineer (React Native, React)

Zurich, Switzerland
Product Development


Chimpy exists to make sustainability awesome af. Our ambition is to make renewable energy and sharing resources much simpler, more convenient and more fun. Today, we rent powerbanks charged with solar energy at over 2000 locations in Europe. Our customers rent our batteries at a kiosk, a vending machine or a festival, charge their smartphone on the go and then return them anywhere they want.

Product / Software at CHIMPY

Today, our product / software team consists of two backend engineers, one product manager and the CTO. Together, the team has developed a rental platform that is used across six different countries, by large retail chains, independent kiosks, vending machines, events and festivals. Our retail partners rent out our powerbanks using an API integration, a mobile app or an autonomous vending machine. Our refurbishment and logistics partners rely on a web and mobile app to run their operations smoothly. Our finance and supply chain teams use internal tools and data to create invoices and manage stock. Finally, our customers find and rent our powerbanks using a mobile or web app.

About the JOB

By joining Chimpy’s product / software team, your work will naturally matter a lot. Being small is a challenge but also a blessing: you’ll get to work on things that really matter, take on different hats and learn fast. You’ll be joining the team as the only frontend engineer (for now) and will take over the technical ownership of our frontend. You’ll have a lot of freedom, flexibility, influence and impact right away.

Here are some examples of projects and smaller tasks you may be doing on a day-to-day basis:

  • Improve the UX/UI of renting out a powerbank on our mobile & web apps
  • Improve the performance of our maps, by e.g. loading locations per bounds instead of all of them at once
  • Create a new feature for our refurbishment and logistics partners from zero
  • Make sure our apps seamlessly integrate with our own backend APIs and third party APIs (Auth0, Stripe)
  • Manage QA & Release. Be sure that no feature is broken, everything looks pixel-pretty and the copywriting is on point in every language. Then, push the release button on web, or publish on both app stores for mobile
  • Offer a helping hand to our other team members that might need help using an internal tool, publishing content on our website or solving a bug
  • Discuss software design & architectural direction with our CTO and the rest of our engineering team

About YOU

  • You are an experienced frontend engineer, with good exposure to mobile development. You’ll be working with Javascript & Typescript, with React / Vanilla JS on web and React Native on mobile.
  • You are a product designer at heart. You can see it all through, from the initial product idea, to the visuals to the implementation of the feature. You always start with the customer’s perspective: you design the best possible UX/UI first and then write the code.
  • You are a good writer and understand the subtleties of language. You know that copywriting is as important to product design as choosing the right UI element.
  • You can manage yourself. You don’t need the constant oversight of a (micro-)manager, you’re able to drive projects on your own, call the shots when needed and deliver. You can communicate clearly with your colleagues, work across teams and you’re happy to lend a helping hand when needed.
  • You are ready to take over responsibility. Over time, you’ll be taking the technical ownership of two mobile apps, one web app and our website. You’ll also help our CTO in setting the right technical and architectural direction for our frontend stack.


  • 📚 Your personal growth is key. Therefore, you won’t be presented with a fixed set of tasks, but based on your interests be able to focus and learn about new things, as well. Chimpy also chips in if you want to learn more, whether it’s via reading books, taking classes online or going back to uni.
  • 🏡 We have a cozy office in beautiful Zürich, Switzerland. But, everyone can choose to work from the office, from home, their favorite coffee shop or… the train! You choose the location that lets you do your best job.
  • ⏰ There are no fixed working hours. We don’t count the hours and have only one 30-minutes meeting per week within the product team. You choose how to best make use of your time to get things done.
  • 💻 We work using our own favorite hardware (laptop, smartphone). If you need to buy a new laptop or a better chair, Chimpy chips in.
  • 💰 Everyone’s salary is calculated based on a transparent salary scheme. No exceptions made, not even for the CEO. The salary scheme takes into account usual things like your education, your experience or the responsibility you take, but also your family situation. 🌴 On top of the salary, Chimpy offers six weeks of paid holidays per year.