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Founding Product Manager

Product Development

Founding product managers are fundamental to executing a founder's vision and the overall direction of a company's success. To help support the growth of our early enterprise and consumer stealth investments, we would love to connect with talented product managers who have strong product instincts and the ability to create and ship a product from the ground up. Ideally, this person will need to have at least three years of experience. Since every early opportunity is different or not currently public, our talented team will work to understand motivations and interests to make thoughtful recommendations. Even if the current opportunities do not align today, the team is still interested in connecting to be ready when the timing aligns in the future.

About Greylock's Talent Team:

Our team is full-time, salaried employees of Greylock, and there are no fees associated with any of the work we provide. We believe that the quality of our recommendations for candidates and founders is an essential part of our job. Due to the volume of applicants we typically receive from our job postings, a follow-up email will not be sent until a match is identified with one of our investments.