Founding Developer, Tweetscape

San Francisco, USA
Product Development

This is a unique opportunity to lead the development of Tweetscape, an app which will help Twitter users surface amazing content from their Twitter communities.

I. What is Roote?

Roote is an educational hub and startup studio that is accelerating the personal and collective transformation necessary for humanity's transition to the Wisdom Age.

We do this in two ways:

  1. Our educational hub runs the Roote Fellowship, an energizing space for curious people to co-explore and learn about systems change. Since starting in August 2020, we've run a set of cohorts with dozens of divergent, amazing fellows. We also publish a podcast and newsletter!
  2. Our startup studio launches Roote Projects, ambitious projects which catalyze systems-level change that supports a wiser world. Tweetscape is a Roote Project aiming to turn Twitter into a thriving digital public square by building on Twitter Lists and the Hive.one API.

II. Role Overview

This is a unique opportunity to lead the development of Tweetscape, an app which will help Twitter users surface amazing content from their Twitter communities. Tweetscape's mission is to co-create more intentional digital infrastructure for a healthier attention economy. Check out our Tweetscape vision page for more information!

Thus far, Roote has:

  • Convened various players in the information ecosystem space (Stanford Internet Observatory, Bluesky, etc.).
  • Coded a small prototype that prioritizes Twitter lists.
  • Begun writing a book, What Information Wants, on how understanding information's desires helps us shape the internet for good.

We'd love for you to continue this momentum.

This position is extremely entrepreneurial. If you're interested in leading something new, uncertain, and exciting, please apply!

What You'll Do

  • Your primary job is to architect and build v1 of the open-source Tweetscape web app. The user experience will be similar to Rekt—users will be able to see the top content from their favorite Twitter communities. Initially, we will start with ETH, then move to BTC and other communities.
  • This involves implementing front-end designs as reusable React components and interacting with a backend (Hive.one data) on top of modern cloud services.
  • In addition to programming, you will talk to users to make an app they truly love.
  • At the beginning, you will work with Rhys and Brendon as co-Product Managers for Tweetscape, determining the product roadmap and other timelines.
  • Finally, you will interface with the rest of Roote and the community policy side of Tweetscape. For example, you may talk with Bluesky, Twitter Communities, Hive.one, #DeSci, Reddit's crypto team, and various academic researchers to help pursue Tweetscape's general goal of developing a healthy information ecosystem.

After 1 year, success looks like a delightful, fast Tweetscape app that is loved by 10,000 users.

After 3 years, success looks like 1M users and Tweetscape helping co-create a new business and attention model for content curation on the web.

You May Be a Fit if You

  • Are a programmer with an eye for delightful consumer UX. You feel annoyed when the app isn't a joy to use.
  • Have prior engineering work on a production-quality full-stack project. You need a proficiency with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and React. Experience interacting with the Twitter API is a plus.
  • Have a bias towards the production of design artifacts, including motion and interactive prototypes, and clear documentation as a way to present concepts. Relatedly, a strong ability to determine the appropriate level of fidelity for the goal.
  • Constantly strive for user feedback from users and love hearing customer stories good and bad.
  • Work iteratively and are comfortable with lean and design thinking.
  • Have a strong bias toward concrete action. You should often ask: "Why can't this be done sooner?"
  • Have a strong bias towards ambition. You should often ask: "Is this the most ambitious plan we could come up with?"
  • Thrive in uncertainty. You enjoy creating certainty from uncertainty.

Even if not all of these apply to you, we'd still love to consider your application, particularly if you'd like to learn more of these. Studies show that you can be considered for a role even if many of a job posting's listed qualifications don't apply to you. We evaluate all applications holistically.

Why You Might Be Excited About Us

  • You get to be weird and creative. This is not a traditional VC firm, tech company, online school, or academic research hub.
  • You want to work with us. Here is our team.
  • We have a great network. You want to work with global leaders and ambitious frontier people.
  • You are aligned with Roote's guiding mission and values: you search for root-level solutions, look to positively shape technology, believe "everything in moderation, even moderation", think holistically about human needs, and operate from a place of abundant generosity.
  • We have an extremely flexible leave policy and provide benefits including full health, dental, and vision coverage.

To learn more about Roote, check out:

III. Logistics

Type: Full-time.

Time Expectation: Start as soon as possible.

Location: We are a hybrid org based in the SF Bay Area. If you’re here, we’d work in the office together a few days a week. If you’re not here, we’d have quarterly offsites.

Compensation: $75,000/year + equity if Tweetscape spins out as a for-profit.

Note: As nonprofit founders that previously worked in big tech, we know that $75,000/year is lower than what big tech offers, especially in high-cost areas like SF or London.

However, we view this as an amazing opportunity to lead the development of crucial information infrastructure, with high social impact, financial, and career upside. This is a true “founding” role.

As a developer salary, it’s ok. As a founder salary (since we’re already raised funding!) it’s high.

IV. Apply

To apply, email careers@roote.co with the following:

  • One or more things that describe your experience, like your LinkedIn, GitHub, personal portfolio, or CV/resume.
  • A note describing why you’re interested in the position!

If you move forward in the application process, you will be paid to complete one or more projects that involve what we’re currently working on with Tweetscape.