Professional Video Editing SaaS

Founded: 2020
Based: EMEA
Team: 3
Funding goal: $ 250 K

Performance overview

Business description

  • Our business has created software for the growing market of independent social media influencers and video content production crews around the world.
  • We provide plugins for iMovie and other programs to allow easy formatting of content for all devices.

Founding team

  • We are two founders in total, both technical in our skillset who developed the software for our product.
  • Founder 1: started two other businesses in the past, one of which got acquired.
  • Founder 2: has been working at a FAANG company as a full stack developer.
  • Team member: full time business developer with previous startup experience

Use of funds

  • Paid advertising, content marketing


Fundraising goal: $ 250,000

Now raising: $ 250 K

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