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The goal of BVA is to democratize access to the best crypto trading strategies. BVA tracks and compares more than 2800 crypto trading algorithms and allows authors of the best ones to sell auto trading subscriptions to them. The platform takes 20% on all subscription sales. The platform has more than 2800 users. In addition to creating open tracking records for all auto trading strategies, the platform brings visibility to the author's algorithms and allows them to create a revenue stream from auto trading service subscriptions. The BVA platform brings revenue to anybody who is smart enough to build a good trading algorithm and allows very small investors to access top performing trading strategies at the same price than a Netflix subscription. 2821 total users, 178 Logins Last 7 days, Current Paid Subscriptions: 5
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2821 total users, 178 Logins Last 7 days, Current Paid Subscriptions: 5
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This cash will be used to keep on developing the platform, setting up the for-profit organization, create a sales team and start promotion.
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Any investors already working with crypto.
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I want to sell more 1000 subscriptions per month and track the performance of 10,000 crypto trading algorithms.
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5 (crypto traders who wants to automatize their trading and portfolio management.)
3commas, cryptohopper, mudrex
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Vue, Postgres, Node.JS
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0 (So far none)
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Google Analytics
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100% solo founder
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100 USD
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20 USD
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800 USD
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