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Generative AI
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$ 500 K
AI powered text-to-speech tool with over 900 voices in 100+ languages, helping over 40,000 users in 20 different countries we're one of best rated T2S tools in the market.
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$0 CAC, $110 LTV, $6350 MRR
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Reason for selling
I seek to exit to move into another project.
Preferred acquirer
I still think there is a lot of potential in this space, so we would prefer buyers that have complementing products. Open to PE/Micro-PE funds.
Aspirations & growth opportunities
We've been growing 30% MoM for the last 4 months, sometimes even 40%+, there is opportunity to expand using outbound sales (email marketing) and social media marketing. Our SEO engine has been showing a snowball effect for the last few months and is now outranking some of our biggest competitors.
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Business model
Subscriptions and lifetime deals
372 (Marketers, Marketing agencies, podcasters, social media content creators)
Competition, MURF, Speechify
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MERN Stack, Azure cloud
Marketing spend
0 (SEO, Affiliates)
Performance tracking tools
Google Analytics, Stripe, Chartmogul
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100% owned by the founder.
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$ 153.5 K
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$ 100.9 K
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$ 500 K
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