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Yücel Homan <it.yh.germany@gmail.com> So., 18. Sept., 12:54 an alicanaltin90 Dear Sir or Madam, gladly we, a six headed expert team in automization, present our first product of our young company: the very low cost Payment Portal based on distributed ledger technology and integrated Pay for Action functionality. The outstanding feature are the extreme low running costs (fee structure 1,00% of done transactions without any additional fix costs per transaction) and a high technical availability. According our intensive market research, we see your car park as ideal application case for our automated, 24/7 available Payment Portal. Therefore we offer you a non-binding offer to get in touch with our Payment Portal. We strongly put focus on the time intensive technical development. Therefore we cannot provide any realeased brochure, website or advertisement videos, unfortunately. Anyways I would be glad to may present you the Payment Portal virtually via Video-Conversation or locally in your office. Advantages towards your customers: -comfortable payment with the smartphone (without physical coins: no searching, no changing, no collecting) -remote payment possible (no physical availability at Payment Portal necessary, e.g. useful when the customer is out of crytpo money and asks a friend for paying his bill. The friend can do so by getting the wallet address and easily send some funds there) -mandatory for customer -smartphone switched on itself (any operating system possible) -smartphone switched on internet access -smartphone with any (!) Hot-Wallet, e.g. Binance, BitPanda, Coinbase, TanglePay, Firefly. A hot wallet is a digital wallet which can store crypto tokens or crypto coins, e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, IOTA. A integration of a digital Euro is possible. The digital Euro is currently under checking process at the european central bank. The Chinese Tourists are in the future able to pay with the digital Yuan which is officially published by the Chinese People's Republic) -scan comfortably QR Code (wallet address including) and pay dued amount -after about 2 seconds process time the payment is finished -the payment portal releases the park ticket (via API) and the customer may leave the car park Advantages for park house owners: -extremely low running costs due to high level of automization -low fee: fix fee structure of 1,00% (!) at each transaction (also valid for micro transactions), e.g. at 3 EUR paid parking fee there are 0,03 EUR fee for the Payment Portal -low fee: outstanding cost advantage in regard to existing credit card fee structures (up to 8%), FinTech and physical coin payments (costs at physical coin payments: daily emptying, vandalism, maintenance, wet bills, chewing gum in coin and bill slot, possibly additional (automatic) coin changing machine necessary) -zero fee: no inital aquisition costs (rent only) -zero fee: monthly rent costs of Payment Portal 0,00 Euro (special offer / normally 60,00 Euro monthly) -zero fee: no initial setup costs -zero fee: no running costs for company's crypto wallet -zero fee: no additional banking account mandatory -low energy: very low overall energy consumption due to usage of 3rd generation Blockchain technology, integrated microcontroller, usage of three-color ePaper display (about 6,00 kWh overall energy consumption); compared to a 15" touch display without microntroller it means at least 60% lower energy consumption -high technical availablity 24/7 due to distributed ledger technology (techical there are no risk of a classical connection loss to a server) -marketing advantage due to high-end and modern payment offer to your customers -very quick payment process withing 2 seconds -data privacy: 100% anonym -contactless: 100% hygienic -safety level of traditional banks (state of the art) -safety level of cryptotechnology (state of the art) -crypto payments and profits: taxing no problem due to correctly applied taxing methods -crypto exchange rate: no risk due to cleverly worked out methods (!): calculable and reliable income -crypto exchange rate gains or losses: not existing, therefor legally no problem at tax department -crypto payout (BTC, ETH, IOTA, Stablecoin) in fiat money (YTL, EUR, USD) daoble at any time -remote service -remote maintenance -remote updates Supply of car park: -internet access via LAN cable (ethernet) or strong and reliable wifi access Future developments: -real time monitoring of incoming transactions -receipt: digital receipt (PDF) via QR code -income overview via csv-file in demanded period of time -Pay for Time -Pay for Energy -Pay for Access -individual solutions I am looking forward for your positive feedback and the first conversation with you. Your sincerely Yücel Homan automation, CE certification graduate mechanic engineer -
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