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Flo Hiring is a marketplace for software developers, recruiters, and companies. We help connect verified software developers with jobs that match their skills and career goals using machine learning. Our primary user acquisition strategy is email marketing, and we have set up an automated system that can send over 1k emails daily. Currently, we are pre-revenue, and our platform is not even complete. Even with our limited MVP, we are showing excellent traction with developers and recruiters. Next month, we will be ready with our platform dashboard for candidates and recruiters. We hope to build a community that can improve retention and outcomes for all Flo Hiring users. Once our platform is finished, we will be ready to start directly selling job postings to companies and recruiters. 60% month over month growth 800 active job seekers 230,000 developer database
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60% month over month growth 800 active job seekers 230,000 developer database
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I want to sell part of the company to bring on a co-founder or partner who is interested in building this product together.
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Looking for a buyer who wants to get involved in the business and develope it to its potential. Ideally they would have experience in HR or related businesses.
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The business has proven traction on the developer side of the marketplace. 800 active job seekers and growing at 10+ daily. We need to develop the company or recruiter side of the market place.
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0 (Companies that want to hire vetted remote software develoeprs)
Insquad, WorkRemotely, Remote OK
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React, TypeScript, Ant Design, AWS, MongoDB
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0 (Email Marketing)
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Google Analytics, Stripe, Other
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98% Owner / 2% employees
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