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App Marketing
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$ 1 M
We specialize in helping mobile app developers and marketers grow and optimise their apps. We offer a range of services and expertise aimed at improving app visibility, user acquisition, and retention strategies. With a deep understanding of the mobile app ecosystem, we assist clients in reaching their target audience, increasing app downloads, and driving user engagement. Our services include app store optimization (ASO), where they analyze and optimize various elements of an app's presence on app stores to improve its discoverability. We also provide user acquisition strategies through targeted marketing campaigns across various channels, such as social media, search ads, and influencer collaborations. Additionally, our business offers data analytics and measurement solutions to track app performance, user behavior, and monetization metrics, enabling clients to make data-driven decisions and optimize their app's growth strategy.
Featured metrics
2X revenue YOY. Did 1.8 M CAD last year. 15% EBITDA last year.
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Reason for selling
I have been doing this for 5 years and it is time for me to cash out.
Preferred acquirer
Other digital agencies maybe so they can do some good with this place.
Aspirations & growth opportunities
It can do $3-5M in revenue as soon as the market comes back.
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Business model
10 (App development companies)
Yodel Mobile, Moburst, Consult my App
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Technology stack
Marketing spend
$150K (Google Ads and Directories )
Performance tracking tools
Google Analytics
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100% owner
Last month's revenue
$ 235 K
Last month's profit
$ 206 K
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TTM revenue
$ 1.1 M
TTM net profit
$ 0 K
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Desired valuation
$ 1 M
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