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Conceptualized in 2017, incorporated in 2021
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An Agency alternative platform purpose built to design, build, and scale business operations faster, better, and more cost efficiently.
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Disruptive process designed, technology will be built using emerging technologies. This is what capital is being raised for.
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I want to cash out part of my equity to reduce risk of full ownership
Preferred acquirer
Business angel with a large network.
Aspirations & growth opportunities
Over the next 3 years - We will launch our initial platform solution and grow our customer base to 540 customers. In 1 year, those customers will pass $38,820,000 ARR of their company outsourcing spend through my purpose-built platform. The platform takes a standard 30% percent ( $11,646,000 ARR ), and the remaining $27,174,000 is managed by the technology and paid to network of freelancers through smart contracts. In the goal scenario, that $27,174,000 would employ 272 independent specialists at an average salary of $100,000.
Business details
Business model
1. Companies pay a monthly subscription fee for the Co-Operate platform 2. We sell an in-app digital resource called "atoms" and charge a transaction fee
0-2 (Growth-Minded companies with 10-50M in Revenue each year / Companies recently backed by large venture capital round. )
Our platform is an emerging technology, but the closest competitor would be - traditional employee hiring,, - and the 85,888 ad agencies fighting for the $59bn Market
Operational details
Technology stack
Emerging app in development is proprietary, web and marketing are through Hubspot / Squarespace. Additional tech includes Gsuite and Stripe
Marketing spend
10k (Affiliate Marketing, Word of Mouth, Instagram. )
Performance tracking tools
Google Analytics, Stripe, Other
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100 %
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Annual P&L summary reports, Online reporting software/tools, Physically kept books
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