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Profitable all-in-one SaaS customer engagement platform for word-of-mouth marketing, product launches/go-to-market, and voice-of-consumer with zero-party declared data. We allow brands to build, activate, and measure persistent, owned, white-labeled communities of current and potential customers, to run VIP & Insiders programs with initiatives including product sampling and reviews, market research, and user-generated content. We sell to a broad set of enterprise and midmarket customers from household names to established brands. Our clients have been working with us for as long as 8 years, and in the first three quarters of the year, our reviews-program offering has already more than doubled last year’s revenue with our busiest quarter remaining.
Featured metrics
100% YoY revenue growth for newest program offering; 75% retention rate for annualized clients; Samping & reviews programs are averaging a 40% qualified to close win rate, and an average time to close of 19 days.
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Reason for selling
We’ve rebounded from Covid and found market fit with a mature product and great potential for growth in a large market, and we think our best path to achieving that growth is to be a part of a larger team. We’re looking for someone with established sales and marketing teams and proven expertise to scale what we’ve built, while also providing liquidity to people who have built this company over the past decade.
Preferred acquirer
Strategic incumbent with a strong existing sales and marketing engine, available capital, and a complementary offering.
Aspirations & growth opportunities
We have a mature and robust product that we’d be proud to demonstrate, long-term recurring business (some clients are approaching a decade working with us), and a relatively newly launched mid-market offering that has grown 3x faster than our revenue projections as a differentiated offering in a really hot space. We’ve passed more than 1MM in ARR with a team of 3.5 people and no sales or marketing team. With a modest sales team we project that we’d be able to triple our ARR in the first year, and with the full support and integration into the right acquirer with expertise and a sales/marketing engine, we’d have the opportunity to be a stand-out leader in this multi-billion dollar market spanning customer engagement and Voice-of-Consumer.
Business details
Business model
We’re a SaaS platform, with 90% of our revenue coming from subscription services and access, and 10% of revenue from managed services to help execute these programs
40ish active brands in past 12 months (from Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies looking to build robust Insider and VIP programs to mid-market eCommerce brands looking to seed the launch of new products across third party retailers, our platform is useful to nearly business prioritizing customer engagement and customer feedback).
Operational details
Technology stack
Custom platform hosted on Heroku, built with Ruby on Rails, Ember, Vue, Google Analytics, with tie-ins to various vendors (like Mailgun and Bandwidth for messaging)
Marketing spend
$40,000 with lead-gen partner (Email outreach & LinkedIn. We have grown largely through referral, without any sales and marketing team).
Performance tracking tools
Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Other
Financial details
Ownership structure
~31% internal owners, 69% external investors (in terms of fully diluted shares).
Last month's revenue
$ 114 K
Last month's profit
$ 43 K
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Annual P&L summary reports, Online reporting software/tools
TTM revenue
$ 1.02 M
TTM net profit
$ 54 K
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