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$ 1 M
An automated transcription platform for students and researchers. Supporting more than 30 languages, this platform is powering some of the most ambitious universities in the world. We offer two products: a fully AI-generated transcript service (typically around 80% accuracy depending on audio quality); and a human review service to ensure 100% accuracy. Besides the user interface we also have a set of APIs that allow customers to create fully customisable integrations.
Featured metrics
✅ $250K in TTM revenue ✅ $100K in TTM profit ✅ No overhead. Up to 70% profit margin. Quarter million revenue from 2 clients. No effort on marketing/sales so far.
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Reason for selling
My cofounder and I are engineers. We have grown the become a marketing/sales case more than a product play.
Preferred acquirer
Interested in multiple interesting profiles. However, a few comes to mind: 1. Competitors in the transcription space 2. Companies looking bring our tech in-house. 3. Marketeers/sales folks that can take a finished product and scale it.
Aspirations & growth opportunities
Massive opportunity on B2C side that we have not explored yet. About ~$1.000 MRR from B2C. Today 99% of revenue from large enterprise deals.
Business details
Business model
Large B2B enterprise contracts and monthly SaaS subscription revenue.
2 (Education)
Operational details
Technology stack
React.js, Node.js, Serverless, AWS, GCP
Marketing spend
$5K (more info on request)
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Ownership structure
50/50 between two founders.
Last month's revenue
$ 21 K
Last month's profit
$ 8.5 K
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TTM revenue
$ 250 K
TTM net profit
$ 100 K
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Desired valuation
$ 1 M
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