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eCommerce, SMBs
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Desired valuation:
$ 195 K
We are a SaaS eCommerce platform, we help SMBs to create their no-code online store and connect them with payment, shipping, marketing and analytics tools in just minutes. It's like putting together a Lego, you select the tools you want and in minutes you have everything ready to sell online, all this while learning in our online academy with industry experts. You can have an online store with our web builder, connect your Shopify store or create your own dropshipping platform, everything is possible.
Featured metrics
15,000 online stores created, $ 3.8 M sales processed, 24 3rd-party eCommerce integrations.
Selling details
Type of shares
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Reason for selling
We've been bootstrapping for three years, with consistent growth, a great product, and thousands of users. We are looking for an exit so that our team, users and product continue to grow and can go further. As founders we want more time to study postgraduate and explore other projects.
Preferred acquirer
Preferably someone related to ecommerce or fintech.
Aspirations & growth opportunities
We seek to connect e-commerce in Latam, in the next two years we want to create 100,000 online stores and connect them with more than 200 e-commerce tools in the region (payments, shipping, marketing, analytics)
Business details
Business model
Subscription revenue
850 (Social sellers and SMBs)
Operational details
Technology stack
VueJS, Nuxt, React Native, Laravel, NodeJS, Mysql, Cloudinary, Cloduflase, DO, AWS
Marketing spend
$ 4 K on paid marketing advertising / 8k Full-time sales and support (Instagram, Facebook.)
Performance tracking tools
Google Analytics, Stripe, Chartmogul
Financial details
Ownership structure
90% founders / 10% VC-angel investor
Last month's revenue
$ 9 K
Last month's profit
$ 3.2 K
Financial records
Online reporting software/tools, Physically kept books
TTM revenue
$ 102 K
TTM net profit
$ 34 K
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Team members
Acquisition type
Desired valuation
$ 195 K
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