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Identity Verification
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Desired valuation:
$ 10 M
Leading digital identity verification provider with a proven niche in rapidly expanding segment. Founder is credentialed expert in the industry, team is wildly small for revenue + impact, and company is profitable. Never raised VC, team has strong product vision, realistic path to 10x growth in 3 years. Have not monetized 10m+ strong user database, with no plans to. Adding >1m users per quarter.
Featured metrics
Consistent Revenue with reduced spend each quarter. Over 10m users while adding 1m+ users per quarter. Rapidly expanding segment in rapidly expanding industry.
Selling details
Type of shares
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Reason for selling
Interested in small amount of money off the table.
Preferred acquirer
Someone willing to grow (we have significant growth planned).
Aspirations & growth opportunities
4 major channel partnerships lined up and inked. 8 enterprise deals in negotiation state.
Business details
Business model
SaaS subscriptions and API usage-based pricing.
10m+ users, 200+ paying business customers (businesses who need to verify the age or identity of their user-base or client base).
Veriff, AgeChecker
Operational details
Technology stack
Deep into Laravel ecosystem
Marketing spend
Nothing on ads, $250k for COO runs sales (No marketing -> just outbound sales. Marketing for new channel partnerships starts in mid-Q2'23)
Performance tracking tools
Financial details
Ownership structure
Founders 60%, advisors and early investors 40% (no VCs).
Last month's revenue
$ 130 K
Last month's profit
$ 80 K
Financial records
Annual P&L summary reports, Online reporting software/tools
TTM revenue
$ 1.3 M
TTM net profit
$ 900 K
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Team members
Acquisition type
Desired valuation
$ 10 M
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