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EU-wide fractional investments marketplace for alternative assets. While our current focus is exotic assets (e.g. spirits, watches) our infrastructure is designed to open up private markets to small investors (PE, Private Debt, VC). Having launched just a year ago, we've amassed ~ $ 1.5M AUM and ~ $100M in asset supply capacity from leading asset managers. Thanks to our unique regulatory licensing status, we have built the safest solution in the fractionalization industry. Moreover, we are the only business able to market EU-wide and have a 12-24 months head start to becoming the category leader in Europe.
Featured metrics
860% YoY revenue growth ~ $ 1.6M assets under management 50%+ repeat order rate
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Reason for selling
The business owns enough IP to grow aggressively with a lean team. An acquirer with an adjacent customer base or capital will have a higher capacity to provide what the business needs in order for the company to become the market leader.
Preferred acquirer
The ideal buyer could be either a US based fintech firm interested to expand operations to Europe and/or to a new business line, or an operator able to raise capital for an investments startup.
Aspirations & growth opportunities
While we are currently focusing on exotic assets as the easiest method to capture the mass market, we have the capability to expand to listing any private markets investments. Our proprietary legal structure, uniquely positioned regulatory license and our automations will enable us to expand to PE, VC, Debt and more. The business is able to achieve $100M ARR within the next four years.
Business details
Business model
~ 1000 (Retail Investors in Europe, primarily men aged 20-55)
Operational details
Technology stack
React, NodeJS, ELM, React Native (for progressive web app), NoSQL, Serveless, GCP (Firebase, BigQuery), Mailjet, Mode Analytics, DatoCMS, Hubspot
Marketing spend
$ 60 K on paid advertising, $ 0 on sales (Instagram, Facebook, Affiliate)
Performance tracking tools
Google Analytics, Stripe, Other
Financial details
Ownership structure
70% of the company owned by the founders
Last month's revenue
$ 10 K
Last month's profit
- $ 50 K
Financial records
Annual P&L summary reports, Online reporting software/tools
TTM revenue
$ 109 K
TTM net profit
- $ 675 K
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