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B2B lead generation and cold email agency that charges $1.8K for the base plan, $2.2K for the premium plan, and $3.1K for the biggest plan. We have great SEO for lead generation agency, cold email agency, appointment setting agency, etc. We rank for those terms not only in the US but in many developed countries around the world. We get ~50 hot inbound leads per month and are currently working to take that to 120 by the end of this year.
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$23K MRR, ~50 inbound requests per month, rank highly for high intent keywords
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We created the agency out of a fun conversation with colleagues. We wanted to see if we could use content marketing to grow our agency. (Most people argue it's impossible because service businesses aren't like SaaS.). We have now reached a point where operations are getting out of hand and marketing is getting tons of leads. We want to hand it over to someone with operations skills, help them market to $1 million in ARR, and then move on to our other ideas, which are mainly SaaS. Marketing is our thing. Managing a lead gen agency, not really.
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Another agency owner or SaaS with interest in acquiring websites.
Aspirations & growth opportunities
We're a lead generation agency with a standout brand and a unique position in the market. Our marketing game is so strong that four of our big competitors wanted to team up with us! This year, we're cruising towards a ~750k ARR, and that's all thanks to organic inbound leads from our blog. We consistently rake in 50 to 75 leads monthly. And here's the cool part: most of these folks show up to our discovery calls, credit card in hand, all set to get started, thanks to the way we've positioned ourselves. Our main expenses are hanging around the $5,000 mark. Beyond that? Pure profit, baby. If you decide to hop on board, we're up for helping you hit those marketing targets and then gracefully moving onto our next big thing. Given the current momentum, we're confident about pushing our monthly lead count to 120 by the end of the year. Mix that with our loyal clientele, and you're looking at 1 million ARR by the end of Q1 2024.
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10 (B2B businesses)
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$15K (Google)
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Google Analytics, Stripe, Chartmogul, Other
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$ 23 K
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$ 17 K
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$ 300 K
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$ 230 K
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