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Marketing, Advertising
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Profitable SaaS which provides analytics, attribution, and auto-optimization for native campaigns. The platform has been serving top companies (including public ones) and over $30,000,000 of ad budgets went through the platform. Recently, we have added AI capabilities that generate ads based on the landing page using GPT3 modules Average customer value of $2K $30M of the our client's ad spend went through our system
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Average customer value of $2K $30M of the our client's ad spend went through our system
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After building the business as a solo entrepreneur I realized that I enjoy creating new ventures rather than actually running them. I'm ready to sell it someone who will take it to the next level. This will make me very proud to see this product generate millions of dollars
Preferred acquirer
I'm open to all buyers but I think that companies or individuals with experience in the marketing & advertising industry will understand the potential of our company
Aspirations & growth opportunities
By adding sales effort the company is ready to scale to a significant revenue, it can reach $5M-$10M ARR (and even bigger if the buyer is able to get some of the big brands as clients).
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Business model
SaaS model
7 (1. Agencies 2. eCommerce 3. Brands 4. Performance companies who spend on native platforms. )
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Technology stack
.Net Core, Angular, Azure
Marketing spend
$200 (Organic and email marketing)
Performance tracking tools
Google Analytics, Other
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91% is belongs to me and my partner and about 9% to TechStars.
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