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A 3D PFP collection featuring high quality art and 100 traits. The project is brand new and not advertised anywhere. The new owner can rebrand the project however he/she likes and launch either on Ethereum, Polygon or Solana. Apart from the 3D art, the project comes with a ready ERC721a smart contract, minting page, official website, configured Discord Server and a promo animation. I will edit the promo animation video to reflect your new branding if you wish to launch it with a new name. I can also help with smart contract deployment if needed. Potential Revenue With the high quality 3D art, the new owner stands to make a minimum of 20k with a little bit of marketing. Depending on our negotiation I can provide the 3D art in a collection of 1000 up to 10,000, though I would recommend a maximum of 5000 to maintain reasonable scarcity. Ways to Sell I can help by recommending twitter and YouTube promoters who can advertise the collection for reasonable prices. Mint Price After a little bit of promotion on Twitter and on drop calendars, with a mint price of even $20 equivalent in eth, you stand to make as much as $60,000 if you choose a supply of 3000. But with the high quality, the project should sell for a higher mint price. Free Mint As the new owner, you can choose to do a little bit of promotion (less than $300) and do a free mint after minting some to yourself. You can then make money through royalties (set in the smart contract) and by selling the ones you kept. Ways to Grow the Project There are many ways you can grow the project with a roadmap. Some of the ideas include: 1. Launch a second collection 2. Staking 3. Create a Project Marketplace 4. Launch an ecommerce store to sell or dropship exclusive merch. 5. Form a partnership with established fashioned brands to sell exclusive merch to holders. Included in the sale 1. 3D art with metadata 2. Configured ERC721a smart contract 3. Configured Discord Server 4. Project website 5. Minting Page(where collectors will buy) 6. Promo animation 7. Technical and after sale support Customer acquisition cost: less than $500 depending on how you decided to launch.
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Customer acquisition cost: less than $500 depending on how you decided to launch.
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I want to focus on other projects.
Preferred acquirer
The perfect buyer is someone who wants to own an NFT collection and more than quadruple their investment within a short amount of time.
Aspirations & growth opportunities
As its a fashion oriented collection, the new owner can expand it by launching an ecommerce business for fashion or launch exclusive apparel partnerships with brands.
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By selling NFTs and through marketplace royalties.
0 (NFT collectors and flippers)
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React, Solidity, Wordpress
Marketing spend
You can expect to spend less than $1000 depending on how you decide to promote. (Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Instagram, Tiktok)
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100% ownership by me.
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