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Award winning B2B sales software that allows you to generate offers and contracts through any CRM with no clicks. Comes with a built-in eSigning product that helps sales reps close deals faster by processing payments when a customer signs. In short, we help automate the sales-to-finance process by avoiding manual repeatable tasks.
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LTV = $1.38K (56 months), MRR expansion = MRR Churn in most months (negative revenue) and CAC payout is 4 months in avg.
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Reason for selling
The Covid19 pandemic has opened a great opportunity window for all SaaS that helps people to work from home. I think an early acquisition can pay us a greater multiple, so I'd like to take advantage of the momentum.
Preferred acquirer
Competitors that wants to expand operations to Brazil and South America.
Aspirations & growth opportunities
There is a big opportunity to expand to the USA. The competitors focus on late stage small businesses and medium companies and we can start at a very lower price than them, what means we can take millions companies before our competitors can sell to.
Business details
Business model
Subscription Revenue + % of sales processed.
1250 (B2B companies that formalize deals (close deals) by signing any type of document: SaaS, energy, Accountants, Consulting, etc..)
PandaDoc, GetAccept, Better Proposals
Operational details
Technology stack
Ruby on rails, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud
Marketing spend
$4K ads and $6K in salaries and other costs (Google Ads, CRM marketplaces)
Performance tracking tools
Google Analytics, Other
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Ownership structure
63% founders and stock option holders, 37% investors.
Last month's revenue
Last month's profit
$0.5K (we are profitable but reinvest 100% on the company growth)
Financial records
Annual P&L summary reports, Online reporting software/tools
TTM revenue
$ 315 K
TTM net profit
$ 0
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Open to offers
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