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$ 150 K
TKNZ is the Esports Hall of Fame, connecting esports fans with their favorite creators, teams and players using NFT. It is built on Flow, the most fit-for-purpose blockchain network that also serves projects like NBATopshot. TKNZ uses licensed content to offer to esports and gaming fans as NFTs with added utility and perks. Revenue comes from NFT sales and resale royalties. More than 13k registered users with 8k+ NFT holders as well as active Discord community with more than 4k members. Customers are two main types: NFT enthusiasts and partner followers. NFT enthusiasts are acquired through Social Media and community (Discord, Telegram, etc.) marketing. Partner followers are acquired through joint marketing campaigns with the TKNZ content partners. Current customer demographics show US, UK, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam as top countries. Discord community shows high customer engagement and loyalty. $0 customer acquisition cost so far, 25% pack sales within 24 hours
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$0 customer acquisition cost so far, 25% pack sales within 24 hours
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We are seeking an exit so selling the entire platform
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No preference
Aspirations & growth opportunities
With 13000 existing users and 4000 community members organically joined during the BETA phase, there's a potential for a very high growth in the esports collectibles space.
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Partnership commissions and sales of NFTs
114 (Esports and Gaming NFT Fans)
Epics.gg, Eternal.gg
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NextJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, ExpressJS, Flow Blockchain, Cadence, Stripe, SumSub, Magic Link, SendGrid, etc
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$0 so far (Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Telegram, Email)
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Google Analytics, Stripe
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95% with 3 cofounders, 5% with a non-cofounder
Last month's revenue
$ 1.67 K
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$ 1.67 K
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Annual P&L summary reports, Online reporting software/tools
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$ 1.67 K
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$ 1.67 K
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$ 150 K
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