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Lead Generation with AI
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$ 200 K
We are an agency that runs lead-generation campaigns with artificial intelligence software to create highly profiled contacts for our clients. AI allows us to be faster, it has higher conversion rates and brings in more profiled contacts than a classic web agency helping our clients to bill more with online campaigns.
Featured metrics
Funnel acquisition: we get requests for our services at a cost of less than €30.00 for a qualified lead ROAS on our advertising: 350% (average last 12 months) Our growth in Sales: - 2019: €57k - 2020: €260k - 2021: €370k - 2022: €500k
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Reason for selling
With a portfolio of active customers and sales of € 500k last year, we are proud of the success we have achieved in such a short time. However, as the artificial intelligence trend has broken out, we have decided to take advantage of this opportunity to sell our agency to someone who can further scale it up. We also have strong experience and capability in supporting companies or startups in their early growth phase by increasing their value in a short period of time from zero to one million.
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Aspirations & growth opportunities
In terms of growth opportunities, the demand for AI-based marketing solutions is growing rapidly both domestically and globally. With growing awareness of the potential of AI to generate leads and improve conversion, many companies are looking to implement these solutions to improve their marketing performance. With our expertise in using artificial intelligence software to generate highly profiled leads, we are uniquely positioned to capture these growth opportunities. The fact that we have already turned over € 500k in sales with only a small active customer base indicates that there is a strong demand for this type of service and that we have the capacity to capitalize on this demand.
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Business model
Selling services with AI to SMEs
65 (SMEs and Startup)
Loop Agency
Operational details
Technology stack
Elementor, Swipe Pages, Mailerlite, Hubpost and other software with AI
Marketing spend
In 2022 we spent € 100k in ADV (Meta and Google) Little bit of Youtube in 2023
Performance tracking tools
Google Analytics
Financial details
Ownership structure
25% with 4 co-founders
Last month's revenue
$ 40,000
Last month's profit
$ 20,000
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Annual P&L summary reports
TTM revenue
$ 480 K
TTM net profit
$ 240 K
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Desired valuation
$ 200 K
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