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Konch is an automated transcription platform. We offer two products; draft and precision. Draft is a fully AI generated transcript, typically around 80% accuracy depending on audio quality. Precision goes through human review to ensure 100% accuracy. Besides the user interface we also have a set of APIs that allow customers to create fully customisable integrations. SaaS with $250,000 in TTM revenue and $150,000 in TTM profit that is an automated transcription tool for students and researchers. Supporting more than 30 languages, this platform is powering some of the most ambitious universities in the world. See more: ✅ $250,000 in TTM revenue ✅ $150,000 in TTM profit ✅ Competitors: Rev, Sonix, Trint $250k revenue across two clients. No overhead. Up to 70% profit margin. No effort on marketing/sales so far.
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$250k revenue across two clients. No overhead. Up to 70% profit margin. No effort on marketing/sales so far.
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My cofounder and I are engineers. We have grown the become a marketing/sales case more than a product play.
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Multiple interesting profiles. However, a few comes to mind: 1. Competitors in the transcription space 2. Companies looking bring our tech in-house. 3. Marketeers/sales folks that can take a finished product and scale it.
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Massive opportunity on B2C side that we have not explored yet. About ~$1.000 MRR from B2C. Today 99% of revenue from large enterprise deals.
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Large B2B enterprise contracts and monthly SaaS subscription revenue..
2 (Education)
Rev, Sonix, Trint
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React.js, Node.js, Serverless, AWS, GCP
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$5k (None)
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