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Fashion, Accessories, Beauty
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Desired valuation:
$ 200 K
Very profitable & scalable DTC eCommerce company in a high-demand niche with great profit margins. This Shopify business sells high quality wigs & hair accessories at great markups, with impressive customer repurchase rates and online presence. Hands-off business - easy fulfilment through any dropshipping facility. Rave reviews, high customer engagement, year-round sales, strong relationships with suppliers and retail partners. Ratings and reorders are key metrics to gauge the value & health of a business, and these are extremely strong, blowing competitors out of the water. In our digital age, and especially when it comes to eCommerce, online presence is king. This brand boasts a massive social media following of over 110K total. (Great to automate outreach, create lookalikes, or retarget). Customer loyalty and satisfaction are the backbone of a thriving business, and this brand far outperforms with incredible reviews and reorders.
Featured metrics
Very strong DTC profit margins, 25-30% email open rates, 7.87 ROI on SMS, 50% customer return rate, Client Database: 20K for text messaging, 10K email, 4.5K on messenger.
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Type of shares
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Reason for selling
Owner is a musician who wants to dedicate more time going on international tour.
Preferred acquirer
eCommerce experience
Aspirations & growth opportunities
Ads / paid traffic (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Google), Selling on Amazon, Affiliates, Influencer marketing, Online retailer partnerships.
Business details
Business model
Onlien purchases (high repurchase rates)
500+ (Millennial women, rave & festival lovers)
UniWigs, NobleHair
Operational details
Technology stack
Shopify, Klaviyo
Marketing spend
$ 9.9 K (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook)
Performance tracking tools
Google Analytics, AdSense / AdMob, Stripe, PayPal, Other
Financial details
Ownership structure
Sole owner
Last month's revenue
$ 31.7 K
Last month's profit
$ 16.4 K
Financial records
Annual P&L summary reports, Online reporting software/tools
TTM revenue
$ 223.5 K
TTM net profit
$ 104.5 K
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Team members
Acquisition type
Desired valuation
$ 200 K
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