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B2B, Data, Marketing, Sales
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Desired valuation:
$ 1.7 M
B2B website visitor identification and personalization software allowing 2000+ brands to identify the anonymous companies visiting their website and personalize the content they see. Used by marketing and sales teams across the globe to increase conversion rate and generate new leads.
Featured metrics
>75% profit potential, 4:1 LTV to CAC ratio, 25% YoY growth
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Reason for selling
We have built a great business that continues to grow. Early on I started other projects that have recently seen large growth that I now need to pay more attention to.
Preferred acquirer
Acquirer with majority cash
Aspirations & growth opportunities
We are in a growing space and have a high profit potential given the investment into R&D and automation to date.
Business details
Business model
Subscription revenue
500 (B2B)
Operational details
Technology stack
Ruby on Rails, React, AWS
Marketing spend
$ 100 K on marketing and $ 6 K on sales (Organic content creation, AdWords, Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, Review Generation)
Performance tracking tools
Google Analytics, Stripe, Chartmogul
Financial details
Ownership structure
72/18/6/4 - Founders and accelerator
Last month's revenue
$ 40 K
Last month's profit
$ 3 K
Financial records
Annual P&L summary reports, Online reporting software/tools
TTM revenue
$ 444 K
TTM net profit
$ 16 K
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Team members
Acquisition type
Desired valuation
$ 1.7 M
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