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Appointment scheduling & POS
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$ 4.3 M
We're a profitable B2B SaaS company with $896K in TTM revenue and $385K in TTM profit that offers scheduling, POS, project management, team communications, and many other tools to help service-based businesses operate in the wellness industry. We are in a dominant position in a niche industry, and are in the early stage of expanding to a broader market. The business has very strong fundamentals. It has been in service for years, has a reliable customer base with incredibly high retention rates, and an abundance of praise about the product itself. The business is cashflow positive, with revenues consistently growing each month. The codebase itself is very clean and well-managed. The business has a lot of room for expansion.
Featured metrics
Average monthly client churn is 0.29% over the last year, gross margin (after server and software costs) is 90.96% for 2022, and annual growth rate is currently at 16.73%
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Reason for selling
Simply put, we've been running this software company for over ten years and we're ready to move on with our lives. It was a very hard decision to come to, as the business itself is solid and has a lot of room for growth.
Preferred acquirer
We're seeking a passionate entrepreneur who is prepared to grow this successful SaaS business to the next level.
Aspirations & growth opportunities
We run a number of different business ventures all within a niche industry. As a result, our marketing focus has been within this industry; but, our actual software is built to support a much wider range of businesses. There is a lot of opportunity to take our existing product and market it to many other customer bases. Also, we've always been a bootstrapped company---there's a lot of room for capital influx for marketing strategies and feature development beyond what we've pursued.
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Business model
Subscriptions and merchant processing
750 (Appointment-based wellness providers)
Mindbody Online, Wellness Living
Operational details
Technology stack
Ruby on Rails, Postgres, DelayedJob
Marketing spend
$ 7,901 on paid advertising plus $22,721 in marketing payroll for 2022 (SEO, SEM, Review Sites, Word of Mouth)
Performance tracking tools
Google Analytics, Stripe, Other
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Ownership structure
100% LLC member ownership
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Annual P&L summary reports, Online reporting software/tools
TTM revenue
$ 895.8 K
TTM net profit
$ 384.2 K
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Desired valuation
$ 4.3 M
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