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$ 600 K
We're a company helping businesses improve their customer experience, automate their workflows, save time and money, and retain their customers. We implement Zendesk and various automated processes between their data platforms to achieve those goals. We are currently one out of 20 Zendesk-certified Premier Commercial and implementation partners worldwide. Our goal is to create a range of solutions around Zendesk and other CRM platforms to build ARR in the US market and capture major enterprise customers.
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TTM gross revenue $382K, TTM net profit $187K, 100+ Customers, $164K ARR
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Reason for selling
1. We have proven the business model for one platform. 2. I’m looking to assemble together a team to expand and share the current and future growth. 3. I’m looking for a partner to complement me so I can focus on my core value additions.
Preferred acquirer
Aspirations & growth opportunities
Key Growth Opportunities: 1. Expansion to additional CRM Platforms. 2. Expansion into the sales and marketing fields of revenue-generating technologies. 3. Improve strategic partnership motions. 4. Create thought leadership content for social networks.
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Business model
Mix of One-time fees plus solid recurring revenue and other go to market assets.
50-100 (B2B companies looking for help around their CX)
Premium Plus, Envoy, Faye
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Technology stack
Monday,, Webflow, Slack
Marketing spend
0 (Referrals)
Performance tracking tools
Google Analytics, Stripe, Other
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100% me
Last month's revenue
$ 63,319.00
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Annual P&L summary reports, Online reporting software/tools
TTM revenue
$ 382 K
TTM net profit
$ 186.7 K
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Desired valuation
$ 600 K
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