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Technolgy based Carbon Credit nft
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The present invention is directed to a distributed ledger-based platform for buying and selling carbon tokens. The carbon tokens each represent 1 ton of carbon emissions and are able to be traded in real-time. In one embodiment, generating, trading, and/or burning each carbon token produces at least one non-fungible token (NFT) concerning the carbon token, wherein the NFT includes a carbon credit issuance serial number, a name of the associated project, a location (e.g., geospatial coordinates) of the project, a project start date, a project end date, a project duration, a company associated with the project, at least one image of the project, and/or an expiration date for the carbon credit. haven't launched yet.
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Carbon2o2 a new way in which to monetize your methane reduction thru Capture, sequestration, abatement, and recycling technology. Carbon2o2 is a published patent carbon trading platform which incorporates an NFT, serializing a specific project or projects which, in return, will create tradeable carbon tokens connected to that NFT. we project an ongoing revue stream for the carbon market for the next 20 years.
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trading technology-based carbon credits thru our platform
haven't launched yet. (Anyone who wants to own or trade technology based carbon credits.)
None that I know of.
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