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More and more inexperienced traders are dedicating countless hours to crypto trading. However, the crypto market is notoriously unpredictable and risky, and acquiring the necessary trading skills can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Even seasoned traders cannot keep tabs on the entire market. That's where we can be of assistance! Many people want to enter the crypto trading world but they lack the necessary knowledge and experience; With our startup, they can enter this unpredictable world and enjoy their journey without taking high risks. We have developed a signal provider for cryptocurrency trading. PBC Trade Assistant is a signal provider for cryptocurrency trading. Our system scans the entire market using a pullback strategy and sends accurate signals to users via Telegram every half hour for both Spot and Futures sections. We used Quantower (quantower.com) and Telegram messenger to create our platform. We have separate VDS for each section (one for Spot and one for Futures). Our signals have been tested by top traders around the world and are known to be very accurate and profitable. Trading with our signals can result in substantial daily profits. We use Quantower to monitor the market, apply our strategies, and make necessary calculations and Telegram to send generated signals to the users. We provide our users with a trading experience that is easy, profitable, and low in risk. To simplify things, let's assume that our system provides six signals per day (it provides much more). Two of these signals will result in significant profits, two will result in modest profits, and the remaining signals will result in very small losses. Some important milestones of our startup: • No Competitors: Currently, we do not have any serious competitors that can rival our services. • No Regulation: Users don't need to invest in our service, so they can trust us more easily. As a result, we don't need to be supervised by any financial institution, and we can easily operate anywhere in the world. • Coverage of almost all exchanges: Our system can generate and send signals for almost all major crypto exchanges (even exchanges in North America like Binance.US & Coinbase) in both the Spot and the Futures sections. • Easy to Launch: Our startup is easy to launch globally. • No Special Skills Required: Buyers don't need any special skills or knowledge to run the startup. • Low Operating Expenses: The only expense is for the 2 VDS(s). • High Demand: There is a huge demand for our services, and there are many untapped markets around the world. • Auto-Trading Potential: Our signals can be connected with auto-trading tools for huge profits. We have many screenshots and videos of our customers' huge profits with auto-trading. and when we say huge, we really mean it! (We'll share some of them with you later if you want). • Personal Use: You can use our startup for your own trades and make daily profits if you are interested in the crypto market trading. • White-Label Product: Our startup is a completely white-label product that can be fully customized for different markets and purposes. For example, you can create a website for India with the Indian language and a completely different one for Pakistan. $220000 annual average sales
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$220000 annual average sales
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The main reason is there's nothing more we can do with this startup! We created a complete comprehensive product that only needs to be launched & needs marketing, & we're not marketers. Besides we have other projects to focus on. Of course, there are other reasons but these are our main reasons.
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Proper marketing skills and sources are needed for this business.
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This startup can make billions of dollars due to high demand in our big untapped worldwide target markets.
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8000 (Novice and newbie crypto traders)
ATA, CEX(s), Tutors
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Quantower, Telegram, Vultr
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$360000 on paid advertising (Crypto Websites, Google, Telegram, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter (X))
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100% ownership
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