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Desired valuation:
$ 120 K
Poker NFT project looking to build the next generation iGaming platform. $117,000 in TTM revenue and $30,000 in TTM profit on the Ethereum network. Holders can earn by playing or delegating and access our future Play to Earn game tournaments. Thousands of NFTs are still available to mint. Potential earnings: 497 eth ($1.4M). Costs, including devs, royalties and obligations: 13% This nets around $1.2M.
Featured metrics
Less than 8% recurring costs. $24K monthly revenue on average. Potential earnings: 497 eth ($1.4M).
Selling details
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Reason for selling
The project needs someone with marketing experience or resources to keep pushing the project forward and take advantage of the NFT momentum by leveraging our 16k user base.
Preferred acquirer
Person or company with marketing resources and/or influence to push the project forward.
Aspirations & growth opportunities
There is a growth opportunity to leverage our user base and the NFT space, with a potential of around $1.2M in revenue for the first collection.
Business details
Business model
Selling NFTs and secondary sales from marketplaces.
567 (NFT investors and Poker and iGaming users.)
LionShare Poker NFT
Operational details
Technology stack
Web3, smart contract on Ethereum network, ERC-721
Marketing spend
$100K (Twitter and Discord)
Performance tracking tools
Google Analytics, Other
Financial details
Ownership structure
1% Discord Manager, 7% web3 developers, 92% my own.
Last month's revenue
$ 14 K
Last month's profit
$ 10 K
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Online reporting software/tools
TTM revenue
$ 128 K
TTM net profit
$ 90 K
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Desired valuation
$ 120 K
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