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Labour Recruitment & logistics
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Olabourer is an online, offline & organized platform that connects skilled Labourers Ike plumbers, painters technicians, auto mobile & generator repairers, laundry people, hairstylist, graphic designers,home & office cleaners etc to their potential clients that needs their services and in turn they get paid when a job is completed. those clients don't necessarily need to go about looking for these Labourers as they can order them online via our app/web & the Labourer will come to the clients location 80% retention rate
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80% retention rate
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I want to cash out some of equity to take off the risk and burden of full ownership
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Strategic investor with managerial experience
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I want to capitalize on the NFT
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Subscription fee of $2 for each subscriber and a 3% totbe the company for successful connections from Labourers to clients
600+ (aged 18-60yrs)
No contender.
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None for now
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$1000 (Facebook)
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Google Analytics
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100% owned by the founder
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