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$ 550 K
All-in-one SEO content workflow & lifecycle management platform to research, brief, optimize, publish and audit to boost organic traffic, increase visibility, and improve search ranking. Our platform helps users take data driven decisions while preparing and publishing SEO contents using AI and automation to write articles that are informative and rank high for the target keyword. The platform helps users structure the article properly, provides a detailed list of relevant keywords and topics to cover in your article, and guides on overall on-page optimization with interactive and easy to implement suggestions.
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$280,000 in TTM revenue, $112,000 in TTM profit, 150+ 5 star reviews from customers
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This is a 100% bootstrapped company founded and run by engineers and product builders. We are not business people with management and scaling expertise. Raising external capital and navigating the hyper scaling stage is not part of our skill. We had our fun building the platform. Now, we believe that a strategic acquisition is a natural step ahead.
Preferred acquirer
Acquirer with cash.
Aspirations & growth opportunities
The Global Search Engine Optimization Services Market size in 2021 stood at USD 46.7 Billion and is set to reach USD 234.8 Billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 17.6%. This is a very educated market and our platform is built based on direct feedback from 1000s of SEO experts and agency owners. A strategic buyer with budget and knowledge in distribution channels could grow this into 10M+ ARR business in a few years. The product, tech, branding and infrastructure is ready for that.
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Subscription and one time license sell.
3850 (Content writers, SEO experts and digital marketing agencies.)
Surfer SEO
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PHP, MySQL, Vue.js, Bootstrap 4.0, AWS
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0 (AppSumo, Google, Email)
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Google Analytics
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Founder #1: 49%, Founder #2: 49%, Founder #3: 2%
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$ 26.3 K
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$ 11.3 K
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TTM revenue
$ 282 K
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$ 112 K
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Desired valuation
$ 550 K
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