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Desired valuation:
$ 100 K
Our service is simple but powerful. A dedicated writer, writing for you Mon-Fri, our editor team regularly editing over the top, all managed async with our project manager. It's a calm and effective way to produce excellent content regularly. Clients keep the content brief hopper full, and we'll keep producing edited, ready-to-publish content.
Featured metrics
Customer retention time (2021-2023 data): 9 months
Selling details
Type of shares
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Reason for selling
Moving on to other projects, taking a break
Preferred acquirer
Small to mid entrepreneur. Or a larger operator for a tuck-in.
Aspirations & growth opportunities
With a renewed marketing strategy there could be significant growth. Continuing our pivot in the face of generative AI to continue to work with more clients for whom AI doesn't get it done. Or working with more clients who understand the need for human-edited AI.
Business details
Business model
Monthly recurring engagements
18 (online entrepreneurs (SaaS, Agency, Affiliates) + more traditional SMBs)
In-house content teams or freelancers, Word Agents, Content Cucumber
Operational details
Technology stack
Basecamp (project management), Stripe, WHMCS (billing software), Custom reporting tool (very basic PHP), Sendy (emails), Google Drive, 1Password
Marketing spend
$8,640 (partial time allocation of an editor, but otherwise word of mouth & Twitter (X))
Performance tracking tools
Financial details
Ownership structure
100% ownership
Last month's revenue
$27,340 (Aug), $25,490 (current forecast)
Last month's profit
-$1,420 (Aug), $2,528 (current forecast)
Financial records
Annual P&L summary reports, Online reporting software/tools
TTM revenue
$ 458.5 K
TTM net profit
$ 71.9 K
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Team members
Acquisition type
Desired valuation
$ 100 K
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