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Our company operates at the intersection of cybersecurity consulting and software as a service (SaaS), providing comprehensive, innovative solutions to businesses. We offer specialized cybersecurity consulting services, including assessments, testing, and implementation services tailored to each client's unique needs. At the same time, we are developing a suite of automated cybersecurity SaaS products that provide a complete view of a client's security posture, making cybersecurity assessment faster, more affordable, and more accessible. Very high lead conversion, consistantly increasing project sales, 100% customer retention.
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Very high lead conversion, consistantly increasing project sales, 100% customer retention.
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Our primary goal is to secure funding to support the continued growth of our business. We have a solid foundation with our consulting services and are in the process of developing innovative SaaS products. We believe with the right financial backing, we can fast-track the development and deployment of our SaaS offerings, accelerate our growth, and increase our market share in the cybersecurity sector. We are open to various funding options, including a potential acquisition, if it aligns with our company's vision and provides value to our team and customers.
Preferred acquirer
We are interested in partnering with investors who have a deep understanding of the SaaS industry and the unique challenges and opportunities it presents. Ideally, they would have experience in both the consulting and SaaS sectors. We value strategic guidance and industry connections, so investors who can provide more than just financial support would be a plus.
Aspirations & growth opportunities
In the coming years, we aim to revolutionize the cybersecurity industry by developing a suite of automated SaaS products. These tools will give businesses a comprehensive view of their security posture at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional consulting services. We're not just improving our consulting services through automation; we're fundamentally changing how businesses assess and manage their cybersecurity risks. Our SaaS products will not only stand as valuable tools in their own right, but also serve as a funnel, directing clients to our consulting services for deeper, more specialized testing and implementation services that can't be fully automated. In this way, our SaaS and consulting services will complement each other, creating a powerful, end-to-end solution for our clients' cybersecurity needs. Over the next few years, our focus will be on developing, refining, and marketing our suite of SaaS products. We want to bring these innovative tools to as many businesses as possible, and demonstrate how they can transform their approach to cybersecurity. In the longer term, we see potential for strategic partnerships and integrations to further expand our capabilities and market reach. We also plan to explore expansion into new markets and regions, given the global nature of cybersecurity threats. Our vision is bold and disruptive, but we believe it's the future of the cybersecurity industry. With the right financial backing and strategic guidance, we're confident that we can bring this vision to life and become a leading provider of both automated cybersecurity tools and specialized consulting services.
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Our business operates under a hybrid revenue model that leverages both consulting services and SaaS products.
N/A - Our SaaS products are in internal testing so we only currently have consulting clients. (While our services can benefit businesses of all sizes, our focus on small to mid-sized businesses allows us to address a significant gap in the market.)
CyberCX, Tesserent, Sekuro
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The landing page is Wix. The business runs a suite of other software (e.g. .NET 7 for the backend services, Azure for cloud, various other services)
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$40,000 (Blog, LinkedIn, Google, Direct Sales)
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Google Analytics
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50/50 split ownership between two founders
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$ 13 K
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$ 10 K
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Online reporting software/tools
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$ 50 K
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$ 20 K
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