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Many fintech companies seek to go global and support global users, but they face complex, expensive per country problems when providing payouts or spending options. It typically takes 6 months and over $50,000 to launch local country payout or spending options. Our company provides an easy to integrate API so companies to go live in hours not months at no cost. In fact, brands pay 3-5% per transactions It enables companies to exchange any currency, points or cryptocurrency into branded digital cards that can be issued to users in over 150 countries.
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ASP = $84.90 (CAD Based on 1 year 5 Months Of Data), ARPA = $2529.70 (Total Accounts Live / Average Revenue Per Month), CAC = $4780 (Kyle (35% time) + Anik (15% time) no formal marketing done to date), LTV = $60,712 (Based on 2 year Customer Lifetime)
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We power a prepaid offramp for two of the largest companies in the cryptocurrency wallet space but lack the resources to grow the company.
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There is a large opportunity to create a large sales team and partner/power many of the smaller cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets.
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10 (Digital wallets, crypto wallets and exchanges, fx exchanges, digital banks, reward platforms. )
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Node.JS, React.Js, APIs
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CAC = $4,780 (Founder 1 (35% time) + Founder 2 (15% time) no formal marketing done to date) (None)
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55% owned by team and 45% owned by investors
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$ 26 K
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$ 0
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Annual P&L summary reports, Online reporting software/tools
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$ 314 K
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$ 0
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