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Healthcare for chronic pain
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$ 2.5 M
The core product of the business is an app that delivers a guided program for chronic pain recovery based on science-backed techniques. The program is incredibly effective, with nearly 70% of users reporting improvement in their physical symptoms within 30 days of use. It has been praised in medical journals as the highest quality app for chronic pain, and is beloved by its users. The company also offers various advanced online courses at a higher price point to its existing customers. The most popular and profitable of these is a 12-week virtual group healing program that includes video workshops, physician guidance, and professionally facilitated weekly group meetings.
Featured metrics
$72 CAC, 85-90% projected CAGR 2024/2025, 1M+ users (free or paid) have tried the app
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Reason for selling
I am seeking an exit in order to move onto other projects.
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Open to any buyer type.
Aspirations & growth opportunities
The business is set to have its largest revenue year to date in 2023, and a profitable one at that. It is well-positioned as the leader in its niche and boasts a fiercely loyal subscriber base. 2024 and 2025 promise to be even more impressive years for the company in terms of both profit and revenue, largely due to a restructured pricing model for annual subscriptions. The new pricing model will fully go into effect in June 2024, and is expected increase YoY profit by 85-90% in both 2024 and 2025. The business is also expanding its lead generation efforts and making notable gains in its clinician and affiliate referral channels.
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Business model
Paid subscriptions
50,000 (Chronic Pain Sufferers)
Kaia Health
Operational details
Technology stack
In-house tech, Mixpanel, Braze, Braintree, Chartmogul
Marketing spend
$1.8M in total ad spend for 2022 (Instagram, Facebook, Referrals from a Growing Network of Clinicians (15k+))
Performance tracking tools
Mixpanel, Chartmogul
Financial details
Ownership structure
25% owned by me, 27% owned by the CEO, 25% owned by another partner, 23% owned by various investors
Last month's revenue
$ 522 K
Last month's profit
$ 176 K
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Annual P&L summary reports
TTM revenue
$ 4.5 M
TTM net profit
$ 193 K
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Desired valuation
$ 2.5 M
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