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Current technologies make the cloud the easiest available and scalable place to speedily deploy critical applications. However, until now, two major, intractable problems remain: Insider threat and the damage caused by the lag between breach occurring and its detection – the exposure time currently averages 9 months and amplifies damage potential . Our Technology is the only solution that addresses these two difficult problems. Our innovative Challenge Response protocol does not rely on fixed secrets so there is nothing for a hacker to target or for a complicit Insider to disclose. It is not exposed to the vulnerabilities inherent in current authentication methods whose weaknesses provide convenient excuses for disaffected Insiders to deny their, or their collaborators, illegitimate access. We have the ultimate deterrent against Insider Attack, denying repudiation of access. The second major delivery is the immediate detection of a breach. we can detect clones immediately, allowing breaches to be instantly detected and recovered. N/A
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We have self-funded the development of a ready to use, patented product suite that is a major advance in Identity Assurance and want to see it exploited by a company with existing global reach.
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The acquisition would offer important competitive advantages to an existing Managed Security Service Provider.
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Identity as a Service Market is set to be $16B pain 5 years, our high grade security product could capture product and services could capture $160m pa
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2 (Users having privileged access to crucial IT resouces)
Duo, Okta, Ping
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