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SmartDaddy is all about providing the best parental control app today to give parents complete peace of mind. It's a more innovative, real-time way to keep children safe in today's digital world, leading your children toward success and building happier families around the world. Our parental control app provides a comprehensive set of features to support effective screen time management and enhance online safety for children: With our app, parents can easily set limits and schedules for your child's device usage, promoting a healthy balance between screen time and other activities. This feature helps parents ensure that their children are not excessively glued to their devices. App and website blocking capabilities enable you to exercise control over specific applications and websites, allowing parents to restrict access to inappropriate or unsafe content. This feature gives parents peace of mind by ensuring that their children only engage with age-appropriate material. To safeguard children from harmful online material, our app incorporates screen capture. This feature ensures that children can only access content that is suitable for their age and protects them from potentially dangerous or inappropriate material. Real-time monitoring keeps parents informed about their child's online activities as they happen. By staying updated on their digital behavior, parents can address any concerns promptly and guide their children towards responsible online habits. Encouraging productivity and responsibility, our app offers tasks-based bonus screen time. Children can earn additional screen time by completing tasks or meeting specific goals, reinforcing positive behaviors and time management skills. Through children phone usage behavior analysis, our app provides valuable insights into your child's phone usage patterns. This feature helps you understand their digital habits better, enabling you to make informed decisions and guide them towards healthier device usage. By incorporating these features, our parental control app empowers parents to create a safe and balanced digital environment for their children, promoting responsible device usage and fostering healthy online habits. No customer acquisition cost as we focus on organic growth, Solid tech stack and scalable infrastructure based on cloud, crash free users, 127 % revenue growth in 2023.
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No customer acquisition cost as we focus on organic growth, Solid tech stack and scalable infrastructure based on cloud, crash free users, 127 % revenue growth in 2023.
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We created this product out of a passion for kids' digital well-being. We started the development from zero to production without acquiring any investments. Now we reached a stage where it's more accessible to market and scale with proper investment and people qualified to do the same. So we decided to sell the startup to suitable hands where this product can scale well while keeping its original mission.
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Any acquire is welcome.
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In the next few years, your parental control app business could explore expansion into new markets, enhance app features, pursue partnerships with device manufacturers, integrate with popular platforms, explore B2B opportunities, diversify offerings, and leverage data-driven insights
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25 (The core customer segment for a parental control app typically consists of parents or guardians who are concerned about their children's online safety and want to monitor and manage their digital activities.)
OurPact, Screentime Labs, Qustodio, Google Family Link
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Firebase, RevenueCat, Stripe
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$5K (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram)
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Google Analytics, Stripe
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Equal partnership among 2 partners.
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