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A futuristic play-to-earn and create-to-earn multi blockchain metaverse. Convenient constructors are given, where a person builds avatars, houses, objects, cities, countries, economies, games, markets, businesses, concerts, virtual offices, meeting rooms, etc. The entire metaverse is built on plots of land, which can already be bought. A plot enables the collection of rent and generation of income from the metaverse as well as access to advanced designer features and rare avatars. The owners of the plots form cities, which turn into DAOs.
Featured metrics
We already have 175K users, $360K of private investments from our community, 6K token holders and 1K NFTs sold.
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We are selling a share of the project for faster growth.
Preferred acquirer
Preference for someone who knows what web 3.0 is, metaverses and where this technology is moving. It will be great if the buyer has connections in the blockchain niche, venture funds and believes that metaverses are the future.
Aspirations & growth opportunities
According to forecasts of major analytical agencies, the value of the metaverse by 2030 will be between $ 1-8 trillion and is currently worth about $200 billion. We have increased the audience to 150,000 people expected to grow to 300,000 during the year. Now there are more than 7,000 NFT holders and tokens in the project. At the same time, we have not yet conducted official sales. It is expected to grow to 20,000 holders during 2023.
Business details
Business model
Sale of assets and commission from gaming activity.
1,200 (The metaverse is designed for a wide audience. This is B2B, B2C. We are creating an infrastructure that will allow both companies and individuals to maximize their goals and desires. Examples: For business-virtual offices, advertising, sale of goods, holdi)
Operational details
Technology stack
A-Frame, Java/Go, three.js, Python, HTML5, Postgres, Elastic search, Blockchain
Marketing spend
$100,000 paid marketing and $70,000 sales efforts (Telegram, Discord,Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
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Division of ownership 95/5%
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$ 20 K
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$ 0
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$ 360 K
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